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Kennesaw, GA
Interests: Husband, Dad, Gamer, and IT Professional. Huge fan of the 1997 and 2003 World Champion Florida Marlins and 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox.
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@Whalersfan My team (the Marlins) has won two world championships in the past 12 years, unless you are a Yankees or Red Sox fan, both of whom have payrolls that far exceed the league limit, you cannot say the same thing. So quit being a douchebag hater and lets talk some baseball.
I think Dan should just stay where he Miami.
Bobby Cox NEEDS to be gone after this season.....seriously....anybody who was actually around when dinosaurs roamed the earth needs to not be coaching baseball.
Rumor has it that the Marlins are the team that claimed Rich Harden.
No Sheffield is no longer able to carry a team's offense on his own but he can't hurt a team's offense either.
the Dodgers have "serious concerns" about the health of his throwing shoulder Whose throwing shoulder are they concerned about?? Smoltz or Padilla?
Because that type of nonsense belongs on ESPN boards, this is for legit, serious, well-informed debate and discussion, not inane arguing and insult hurling. I agree go sell crazy someplace else.
Oh look the Red Sox sign yet another former Marlin...
If he signs with the Marlins, not sure how I feel about that, it would give Smoltz more of an opportunity to stick it to Atlanta than he would get with St. Louis.
"Some of us got over it long ago, like after the 2007 WS." if you're over it then why do you all keep mentioning it in EVERY Marlins trade post? EXACTLY my point.
Boston fans need to get over losing Hanley.
I hear the Pirate bat boys are also available as trade bait so are most of their front office staff.
I still like the potential of the Gonzalez/Bell trade....think of THAT upgrade potential.
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Jul 31, 2009
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Jul 31, 2009
Good. Because now that I think about it, we need a 5th SP rather then a closer. We have a good enough bullpen. Sean West or Andrew Miller could be a good 5th starter. Nick Johnson would be a much better acquisition. Agreed.
I still REALLY like the Gonzalez/Bell idea.....but the left handed Nick Johnson in the lineup to protect Hanley Ramirez is a good more financially feasible solution.
Good luck prying either Hermida or Cody Ross out of Florida right now....they are one win shy of sweeping the Braves out of south Florida and have their eyes fixed on the NL East or the Wild Card.
Yeah, keep dreaming Hanley Ramirez is a franchise player and is part of the Marlins' future. And good luck getting Cody Ross to budge. hey love him South Florida and all moving him would do is hurt the fragile fan base.
I wonder if the other team in question was the Marlins??