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Great prologue -- you've pulled in the reader and now are at the fork in the story. It could go a number of directions. Some mentioned The Burbs, Dexter, Desparate Housewives. But I could see it being full on horror, paranormal like Supernatural, a twisted geek/fantasy storyline and how the boy "hero" on the street discovers the "villian" through his trusty 20d and D&D glowing book...uumm or not. It could go camp B-movie fun with Bruce Campbell at the lead. Or dark psychological mindfest dwelling into the shadows of reality. The thing is...write what flows. Just get it out. Then in a week, look back at your material and see what grabs ya the most and flesh it out more. I have to use that approach or I'll get the "hang-ups" of constantly telling myself what readers will think it's boring than actually trusting my creative gut. If it amuses me, why wouldn't it amuse other readers? I like the story and hope you write more :)
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Turning green with envy that the Hulk would be jealous of my neon green awesomeness!! An online friend of mine pinged me to say she got PHOTOS that's PLURAL with Wheaton + Autographs. And the mad SUPER PAX PACK of Geekery didn't stop there! My breath got sucked back into my throat while waiting impatiently for the additional news, then got a sucker punch to the solar plexus! SHE LISTENED TO A READING! Man, you West Coasters have all the foosizzle B'Diddly fun! I'll sit here listening to Pandora crank out the goodness of Bowie and The Police while internally squeeing as I absorb the bedazzle hilarity that is Memories of the Future on Kindle! Oh and to bliss out again reading of the fun news my friend had at PAX.
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