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What does fashion mean to you in today's time? What I mean by that is there is such a vast amount of people that look to various sources to get a glimpse and understand of what fashion is, whether it be through Vogue or the internet. Yet when one look at Vogue, one sees the fashion but the price tag that comes with it. So what my question boils down to is this, is fashion in your eyes about being able to afford the luxury brands and putting together an aesthetically pleasing ensemble or is it deeper than that?
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Waiting for a rich prince to come and sweep you away?
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2009 on Vivere Hotel Alabang at - Fashion Blog
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Oh did you check out Lightinthebox? I found that website on Youtube and I'm tempted to order a Nokia e71 from them - only $109. After shipping it's almost $130 but still, that's a pretty damn good deal.
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Haha gotta love the BBoy Background + Anna Ringtone combo.
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