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Thanks for (finding! and) posting this. I was 8 when the movie came out... )))) (((( )))) (flashback lines) One day as we were lining up to go out for recess (or a class trip...or it was just hometime?), I was relating this very commercial to a few friends in line. I was a very quiet kid and hardly ever talked in class, but we were on our way out, and I got excited about the upcoming movie. Naturally, I begin speaking full-on Klingon (or what I could remember from the McSpot...mostly guttural gibberish) and gesturing wildly. Then our teacher, who had never raised her voice at me before, quite adamantly tells me to BE QUIET and settle down. It shut me the hell up, embarrassed. Yes: 8-year-old me got in trouble for speaking Klingonese in class. I'd been searching for this commercial for a *long* time. Thanks, Wil, you made my week. Milé
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