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let the NY jealousy begin. sure we have a silly name but a marquee stadium in the biggest market in the world and ownership that want to take it to the next level. Doesnt get much better than that. Posted by: afrim | October 19, 2009 at 02:04 PM - - - - - That's a serious case of " male-PE " and you might want to consult a physician, asap. That can be treated... Back to reality: Rumor or not, I think there's a strong bet that Henry will make the jump after the WC...if he can subside the competitor/flame that I'm sure still resides within him to play at the highest level, in Europe.
Tyler is not only a classy person but a sincere treat to listen to, during the games. If I had to hear a " yyyyYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSssssssss " after every single goal or an announcer scream/raise his voice every chance he got, ruining the dramatic events I would have shot myself. I, along with many, feel that those dramatic moments in a match are often best left to the viewer to observe & hear the crowd, through the television. That is what Martin Tyler brings. Also, I think he said it best: "The thing that I'd liken it to is what we have in reverse over here. We wouldn't put UK-based commentary on the NBA or NFL., Taylor said " Love my fellow Americans but Max Bretos is the skidmark on the underwear of Soccer, in this country.
Albeit, it was an extremely short clip after Bradley's goal: Did anyone else notice, not a single teammate made a movement towards him to help celebrate, after his goal? In fact, his teammates actually turn the opposite way. Perhaps this was because of the scoreline? Even if...something I definitely noticed.
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i was being chill about it, dnt see why u had to come at me with such a douche way Posted by: CrispyST3 | October 16, 2009 at 07:19 PM - - - - - Correct me if I'm wrong but you called out Brett, not the other way around & for nothing more than stating his sincere opinion. Please don't suddenly play the victim in your proposed scenario, Crispy. Let's relax with the divisive name calling about something SBI asked our opinion about and keep it civil & give some respect to a difference of opinion. In the end, there's no purpose and one doesn't need a " class " to help realize that point.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on A video tribute to Charlie Davies at Soccer By Ives
Love the idea and the source of where this is coming from but I'm with Brett, on this one. It left a lot to be desired and lacked a sincere cohesive direction with some questionable clips in there. You'd be hard pressed to find someone as disappointed and saddened by the recent events, than I, but let's put some more thought into them before we put together a collage, please. You asked what we thought, this is just my opinion.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on A video tribute to Charlie Davies at Soccer By Ives
Scotland DaMarcus Beasley dressed but did not play in Rangers' 4-1 win vs. Hamilton Academical on Saturday. - - - - - It's time to come home, Beasley and get back on track for the World Cup and the betterment of your career. Also, is Bradley injured or has he fallen out of form/favor with the manager?
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2009 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
4. As for the argument about injuries: name a DP that hasn't had injury problems? Angel arrived with a bad back and he's been hurt a bunch this year. Reyna, Ljundberg, Beckham, Blanco, Gallardo, even Schelotto this year--every DP I can think of has battled injuries at some point. Angel in 2008 was a rarity. Posted by: JoeW | August 29, 2009 at 07:12 PM - - - - - The above further soldifies why I think the idea of bringing in a 35+ year old is generally a bad idea from every angle, despite the name. If they're not on the pitch, they're not helping the Club, period. The league would be better served using those funds towards development and getting the Reserve league back up and going, along with upgrading the Academy process. Houston, once again, is showing why they're the class of MLS (along with DC United). Look at what they are using their **FIRST** DP ever on: a 24 year old, striker of Mexican heritage. Win, win & win. That, along with Fredy Montero, should be the direction MLS heads for a productive, profitable and progressing league. Not re-tread " big names " that will just be injured and out of the league within a year or two.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2009 on Vieira hints at MLS move at Soccer By Ives
I would love to have him in Chicago. Hopefully Blanco is out and Viera is in. Posted by: Joe | August 29, 2009 at 02:29 PM - - - - - - A holding midfielder is the least of Chicago's problems heading into next season. Unless Viera is going to play centerback for the Fire, Chicago needs to focus on a target man to back up McBride and play along side Nyarko and need another quality Defender to play fullback and centerback. Honestly, from a fan of MLS - I'm utterly tired of retired players coming here. For every GBS there is about 1,000 other so-called big named players that soak up the funds and ruin the direction of the league. Front Offices should focus more on finding Fredy Montero's (on the cusp of success, talent-wise) than players way past their prime.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2009 on Vieira hints at MLS move at Soccer By Ives
" I mean imagine having Boca in People magazine or Bradley and Davies on the cover of Seventeen magazine. Just little things to throw out the PR for our NT before the WC. " -kevin - - - - - - - That has to be one of the funniest suggestions I've ever seen for media promotion. Whether you're being serious or sarcastic, A+ for the quality of that entry, kevin. Had my rolling with laughter.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2009 on Wednesday's Soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
" Of course we will qualify " -Mexican players & supporters. Not so fast, El-Try. We know you're quick with the wrist in throwing Corona beer bottles but you might want to tone down the guarantee's for when you've already qualified for the World Cup, this time around. 4th place is apparently a position to brag from...
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on Guardado: "Of course we will win" at Soccer By Ives
DC played a very respectable game and reflected well on MLS franchises, that are able to run a quality Club. They attacked, passed well and played solid defense against potentially Madrid's starting 11 for this upcoming season (minus Benzema). While matches are 90 minutes, United proved their class for the first 60 minutes. Makes ya wish the salary cap and financial structure was more inclined to reward Club's like DC and allow them to sign and develop potential World Class talent if they saw fit. Ah well, an MLS fan can dream...
While United did suffer from a no-call, it only further proves why you shouldn't leave the game in their hand. Evra was pushed but it appeared he also could have kept his feet and recovered. Rooney was offsides for the equalizer, anyhow, so the football gods had their say. Sir Alex needs to retract his comment that the Evra play was " why they lost the match ". Sorry, no...Cech blocking two Penalty Kicks was why you lost the match. Great way to start off the season, especially, if you don't like ManUre.
This topic by-in-large is serving as a lightning rod for those whom already dislike or disrespect Donovan regularly. Simply put, it was a fantastic goal. To try and minimize it's quality is only reflecting your boring and repeatitive outlook on the man, not the goal. Jog on and find another website that enjoys your unimaginative opinions, please.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2009 on Donovan's pre-Azteca wonder goal at Soccer By Ives
I'd agree with the majority on here in questioning Casey's call-up. I understand Bradley prefers a target man and while many don't, I like Ching alot. He won't score you many goals but that isn't his main objective as a target man. The role he plays with Altidore or Davies beneath him is a vital one. Casey on the other hand, has no energy, very little awareness at times and lacks the ideal strength for someone of his size. I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he was originally called up for the Confed Cup, even after a poor showing against Honduras previously, and he reminded us why he shouldn't be included in the NT picture. At this point, I'd rather Eddie Johnson, of all people, get called up before Casey. Johnson actually looks to be regaining some form surprisingly, for Fulham.
Great looking piece. On ESPN's first page, no less. The uprising and movement continues to gain traction and increase it's following and we haven't even reached the summer of World Cup, yet. People can say what they want but the culture is slowing turning for the better, in this country, for the beautiful game.
If the US are able to get 3 points, this will surely be the excuse we hear on why Mexico lost, for the first time. Guaranteed excuse.
Aside from the EPL most likely suiting Jozy's physical nature more closely, I think the language is going to be a huge plus for Jozy. I'm not sure if there was a language barrier in Spain but Jozy has a terrific personality and good head on his shoulders. If he can produce on the pitch, he'll win over the front office, the manager and supporters on that basis alone, rather quickly. While I'd love for him to have great success, I'd be satisfied if he's able to see the pitch regularly and continue his development.
DJ, I note that you failed to acknowledge I did address the Banner substitute when I referred to Nyarko being taken out. That is what I made my " hindsight " response to. Also, when speaking about " 0-2 " in competitions, they just made it to a Final. I'm not sure why that's lost on you. Further more, ask any MLS Front Office, with the salary cap and roster size, it's very tough to juggle the schedule of US Open Cup, MLS Schedule, SuperLiga (or Champions League) and friendlies. The league and it's Clubs aren't properly built yet (until they raise the salary cap and funds available) to realisitically compeat without stretching yourself too thin in so many competitions. Chicago: *Made it to a Final *In the hunt to win the Supporters Shield *Will compeat for an MLS Cup While I respect you're free to your own opinion, I struggle to find any logic in Hamlett's job being in jeopardy.
DJ, Pappa has been subbed off nearly all season around the 75th minute. That wasn't anything new, nor was it shocking considering Mapp has considerable speed in comparision the ability to infuse a spark of energy. Also, perhaps Nyarko is a poor Penalty-taker, especially given his work-rate and fatigue from the game? That's the only logic I can apply but hindsight is always 20/20 and the reason you and I are on a blog, not managing. Callng for Hamlett's job when Chicago is: *1 point behind Columbus with a game in hand *Just played in a Final of a major tournament *Are on pace to compete for MLS Cup All of this while juggling numerous injuries to key players, all season. Honestly, your cynical assessment is puzzling and equally amusing.
That game was dominated by Chicago and if not for Tim Ward's errant passes and horrible decision making the entire first half, Tigres would never have countered for their loan goal. With that said, anyone else notice Chicago had four subs? Tim Ward > Baggio Husidic (@ the start of 2nd half) Marco Pappa > Justin Mapp Patrick Nyarko > Mike Banner Bakary Soumare > Daniel Woolard All in all, that sucked and was really disappointing.
Chicago is going to need 2 goals to take the Trophy, against a strong Tigres squad. Hopefully Blanco can account for one but will need Nyarko, Rolfe or Pappa to find the net as well. It's going to be a rough stretch for Chicago, without McBride's target and goal scoring ability. With that said, GO FIRE!
Anyone attempting to minimalize Donovan's ability are simply previous persons that used the term " Landy-Cakes ". Yes, he plays in the MLS. However, as someone mentioned, while doing so, he still was one of the top two or three players on the pitch, last night. Landy-Cakes.....yea. Continue back-pedaling.