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This happens in our house, too. Five cats take all the comfy spots in the chairs AND the couch, and like to sleep together in the geographic center of the bed. It is at this point when my husband asks, "when did we lose control here?" The answer is always, "four cats ago."
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2012 on The Eternal Struggle at WWdN: In Exile
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I hope you get the part, and that Michael Cudlitz stays where he is. He has a perfectly good gig on "Southland," now that his character is returning from rehab and back surgery. He does a brilliant job as John Cooper, rings absolutely true to a couple of officers I have known. Always assuming of course that the cancellation notices aren't already in the mail, just because I like the frelling show.
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I am occasionally a TrollAunt, but my nephews don't find me nearly as amusing as your son(s) find you. Most of the time they are rolling their eyes at my cultural references, which are older than they are. I am getting ahead on points with the younger one, though...he is interning with me. Told him he would have an easier time with ANYONE but me, and he stepped up and into the challenge. They surprise you, don't they?
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2011 on In which I am a Trolldad at WWdN: In Exile
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I absolutely agree with the no touching policy. I used to work in a public library, and the mutant crud that I would get at least twice a year was enough to make me want to live in a bubble. The mutant strains of whateverthehellwasgoingaround that year was morphed by six different little kids coughing on me, the books I was taking in and the counter I had to work. Now that I'm working in various police facilities, there is even more alien, mutant crud floating around the ventilation system. Sworn can take work comp time for pneumonia...we civilians have to use our own time to work our way back to health. So stay strong, touch nothing, and have a blast!
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2011 on My Dragon*Con Schedule at WWdN: In Exile
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A lovely family with mustaches... thanks for introducing us all at last!
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2011 on In which I am a proud father at WWdN: In Exile
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Found an amazing piece of geekery on Etsy (crafter's website) that is right in your wheelhouse - Enjoy!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2011 on I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool. at WWdN: In Exile
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Found an amazing piece of geekery on Etsy (crafters website) that is dead in your wheelhouse... Diane
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2011 on I am no longer on a boat... at WWdN: In Exile
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"We should have started the car five minutes ago and waited in the house," I said, hugging myself to keep warm. The warm thing aside, this is not a good idea. While is less of an issue on a residential street than say, running in to Starbucks, this is just an invitation to have your car stolen. It is what we in the crime analysis field call a "dumb in public" move. Please, Mr. Wheaton, don't become a statistic. The GTA numbers down this year, let's keep it that way.
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Getting in that loop is inevitable when in the presence of individuals you admire hugely, or have a boatload more power than you do. Head dude in my department has more brass on his collar than Picard. I pray every time I have to go to a meeting with him that I do not make a WTF career-ending stupid comment in his presence. He knows my name, but I don't think he's associated the name with the face yet. You sir, don't have that luxury. Take a deep breath, and remember you have a boatload of people who would geek out the same way just to meet you.
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