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All of this LB talk and no mention of Arthur Brown. Is this kid the goods or not? Buchanon and Futch considered factors in the starting lineup but no AB? This can't be good for AB.
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That'sm right. I have the photo of the receiver, and it was Louis Murphy you moron, and he came down with the ball. Too bad the elbow was on the line. What did I say bad about the Gators to be called a moron? My opinion, it was a missed called. You're too stupid to express yourself without casting judgement. You need to read the NCAA rule about being on the line to reveal the true moron.
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Phillips will do a fine job this year at safety. The people here with a sour taste in their mouth only remember Phillips the CB. I like RP the "safety". If the critics would look back to the UF game you will see Phillips played a very good game. He was robbed on that play when he didn't allow the WR to gain possesion inbounds and they ruled it a catch. Go to the 2:40 mark to see this clear oversight by the officials. I agree that Chavez Grant is a better spectator and shouldn't grace the playing field.
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