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Louise, the only thing good thing I can see about Guza winning is that at least it wasn't Pratt. What a stupid decision on OLTL's part. I remember back in the days when Erica Slezak seemed to be unbeatable, the explanation was that she had an uncanny ability to know the right reels to submit. Too bad her show did not follow her example. I suppose there are egos and politics involved in making decisions about reels rather than cooler heads prevailing. I agree the system needs to be changed. A show that has GH's consistently terrible writing should never be rewarded.
A stopped clock is right twice a day. Guza managed to put together one episode and win the Emmy for writing when others write circles around him every day. I seriously wonder what reels the other writing teams submitted for GH to win. Something tells me therein lies the problem. I hate that GH continues to get these best show/best writing levels of recognition. All it does is reward their terrible behavior.
There's no way I believe GH is seriously going to do an Elizabeth/Nikolas pairing. The way GH's writers operate, the couple will have sex and its entire purpose will be to defame Elizabeth for the purpose of redeeming Sam. That's the direction this show has been taking for some time. Jason and Sam both look bad, so every character in their way will be thrown under the bus.
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