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@HarveyD, there is no mention or comparison to Tar Sands gasoline. That is a inaccurate and misleading and I can assure you that almost anything is cleaner than tar sands oil. Furthermore, the fact that they used data from 2005 is ridiculous, as most of the recent energy efficiency developments in the ethanol industry have occurred in the last 3-4 years. There is simply no comparison in my mind to almost any alternative fuel to petroleum, as the true cost is never taken into account for both environmental and financial concerns with wars, convoy attacks and our military's continued protection of oil shipping lanes around the world. @ Herm, great comment about the magical, energy dense liquid called petroleum, which currently has 100 million years of free sunlight, heat and pressure head start on all other alternatives. Humans pump out of the ground over 3 billion gallons of oil a day... not sustainable and not going to last.
@ Eak, What you fail to realize is that the "small and very efficient diesel ICEVs" emit less carbon per mile than a current BEV in the US. These ICEV diesels have extremely advanced emission systems with Diesel Particulate Filters, and NOx eliminating catalytic converters. I agree that the US and the world will only continue to develop more and more renewable and clean sources to generate electricity, and will not be generating 50% coal power for their electricity. However, the same can be said for the ICEV, and the fact that liquid fuels are becoming more renewable and clean everyday. Biofuels, drop in liquid fuels from biomass, and other efficiencies could easily displace a large amount of petroleum shortly. This shouldn't be a war between competing forms of alternative energy and mass transportation, but moreover the end goal to displace the most amount of petroleum and overall reduction of GHGs.