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Very cool, I'm buying tickets now. Speaking of ASCII, this site with the intro screens for cracked AppleII games is pretty awesome:
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That's awesome you're writing zombie fiction!!! About once a year I get on a zombie story kick and end up reading two or three of the latest zombie apocalypse books off of Amazon... some are pretty bad, but I seem to have a higher tolerance for bad zombie fiction, kind of in the way I do for science fiction in general... I've sat through, and on some level secretly enjoyed, a LOT of shows and movies that I'd never EVER suggest anyone else watch. Luckily I have a wife that humors me (and loves a lot of bad sci-fi herself), so much so that after overhearing me joking so many times with friends how to best react to the inevitable zombie uprising, she actually bought me a chainmail shirt from ThinkGeek for my birthday :P Anyway, that yearly kick just started again a week or so ago, and I'm actually saving the second novel in a so-so (I mean totally awesome!) zombie series called "As the World Dies" for a long flight to Germany on Monday (I'll be presenting TMNT at GamesCon). In the meantime I'm reading "Earth Abides" by George R. Stewart, which isn't a zombie novel, but is about a plague that wipes most of humanity out. It was written in 1949, is actually quite good so far (it won the first International Fantasy Award), and I love the fact that it is set in a time where high-tech meant radios. Anyway, I'm quite excited to read your zombie story!
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2009 on in which progress is made at WWdN: In Exile
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I've been reading your blog for... yikes, I guess it really has been seven years now, and always hoped I'd run into you or see you on a panel at E3 or Comic-con, or some other geek convention or event that I seem to regularly find myself at under the thin excuse that it's really just work (video games) related. But this year I'm going to make an extra effort to finally see you at PAX and hopefully pick up your latest book. Looking forward to it!
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