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Add an INT now freaking bum, if I'm the defensive players I'm beating his ass after this game.
IraqiCane his numbers are the most BS successful day i've seen from a qb in a long time man. lol
Ken Dorsey didn't have a cannon and I'm sure rosier can throw harder then him but Dorsey knew how to complete passes efficiently to his playmaker, while this kid stays throwing it to Dlineman.
Rosier is dreadful painful to watch man.
UMIKE spot on brother i said the same Homer’s pace is big time, why run walton on one leg when Homer has proven he can play!!!!
Love these boys thank you lord for making me a MIAMI HURRICANE!!!
Heard there’s a big game tomorrow? LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO CANES!!!! Lets beat the living shit outta fswhoo! I want their fans leaving the Stadium embarrassed, this has to be a statement game for Richt and Co. go up big and run up the score, dance on their logo spit on their field rock that Cuban link Chain all game. ITS A CANES THANG, THOSE WHO AINT WITH US WONT UNDERSTAND. Much love to UMike and Tsully aka Frank white on white UPNORTH OUT!
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2017 on This Is The Time at Canespace
O: Herndon D: Jaquan Johnson FR: Jeff Thomas ST: Mike Harley Coach: Duggans LETS GO CANES
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2017 on Legends Of The Fall 2017 at Canespace
Correct on my above post***** If your a seminole or a gator don't let me see you because it's NIGHT NIGHT for you. but seriously don't let me see you.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2017 on Kneel Down On This at Canespace
Umike well said brother! hope all is well with you and you and your kids.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2017 on Kneel Down On This at Canespace
Shout out to everyone it's been a long timeeeee, but i heard the CANES are coming really soon. Don't know how to feel about Rozier starting, but i trust Richt and i def trust this DEF to keep us in the games and to win games for us. Hope yall are doing well my brothers and sisters. Shoutout to everyone whether you kneel or stand for the anthem, whether your black, white, orange, green, blue etc. lets not let people divide us lets not let hate set us back. Equal treatment for everyone lets love and live in peace.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2017 on Kneel Down On This at Canespace
Whats going on my people.... Still Recovering from that Superbowl Win. TB12 = The GOAT BB= The Goat Now my Canes got that momentum in recruiting time to light up the NCAA!!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2017 on We Love U Ladies at Canespace
Umike that boy is a savage.... santana moss-esque with that savageness in him
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2017 on National Signing Day 2017 at Canespace
Damn UMIKE you done pissed off Fran! Lighten up Umike lol, its all about the U
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2017 on National Signing Day 2017 at Canespace
Drive for 5 coming your way guys.... TB12 the GOAT BB the GOAT
Just so you all know this dude mcFarland talking about having to catch a flight on his snapchat commitment lol
Randy Moss the best ever, F jerry rice hating ass...
Has UM offered Cameron Davis yet? Carol City baller kid looks legitttttt
Recruiting South Florida and keeping the best home should be the goal every year, but lets not be crazy either we gotta hit on some of those OOS kids as well. The best UM teams had kids sprinkled in from Cali, jersey, PA. etc.
Damnnnnn you Umike!!!! you strike again
give me Jeff Thomas and ill be happy with this class, that boy got the dog in him straight antonio brown
So we blaming Umike for the bad juju with mcFarland lol
Straight, hook me up bro!!! we building something over here just went 15-3-3. finishing up with the best recruiting class in our conference for sure. got a girl from pine grove, PA to flip from d2 Philly U.
Ohio i need some speed at the attacking positions for my women's program, what chu got for me man?
#WatchTheFinish We comin!!!