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As a fellow Warrior of Awesome: my pleasure. Keep it comin'.
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I would absolutely patronize a 80s-arcade/microbrew pub. I would patronize it TWICE. (a day)
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The beautiful thing about ales is how forgiving they are. Yes, you screwed up. But probably not bad enough that your beer will be awful. Just let it finish! It won't be the exact product the directions tell you about, but it'll still be delicious and refreshing. In all likelihood, you'll probably end up with a lovely, light session-style (low alcohol, perfect for drinking all afternoon long) ale for the end of the summer-- which, NGL, sounds AWESOME. Write what you did down, and don't do it next time. Easy!
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Seconded! A pale ale, like the salesperson said, is fairly forgiving of a multitude of sins-- but nothing forgives lack of sanitation. Skunky beer is never fun. For future experiments, definitely keep a log. And try out things that sound strange! Some of our favorite batches involved dried lavender flowers, another bourbon-soaked oak chips. Have fun, and definitely host a sampling party. On that note, next time you come to Boston for anything (PAX East? :D), consider yourself invited to my house for a pint (or several) of our homebrew. Totally serious.
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Nov 10, 2009
I love you a little harder for that bit of Haunted Mansion. That was my favorite part of the whole ride!
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Today's reason for wanting to hug Wil: He closes the book's intro with "Namaste". Namaste, Wil. I owe you 57 hugs now.
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