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FSU last scrimmage was a total shame, no one wanted to talk about it. Is it a smoke screen or are they not ready for real live football. I think all the distractions in the off season may be catching up with them. The coaches did not want to talk to the media afterwards, and the only that did, Mick Andrews said that "No way FSU would have beat Miami if they play the next day" too many mistakes on offense and penalties, defense going thru the motion not the attacking style we are use to from the seminole defense. Miami in a blow out!!!!!
This is Randy's second real year of recruiting. The first year was a save the recruits of Corker year. Even though, he is still on mark to have his kids perform according to their billing as some of the best in college football when he brought in as a top 10 class. The best thing is that he consentrated on the South Florida area again, something that Cork Scerw did not. Most recruiting gurus don't factor in the highly elevated competion when rating the players down here, so some of these kids get the shaft when they give out stars because their numbers don't messure up to some of the kids that play in area of lesser competition. Look for this year to wake up the rest of college football to Miami's talent and next year they will be primed for taking it all the way, especially when these recruit will be Juniors and Seniors and had 3 and 4 years with Andrew Swasey getting bigger and faster. This year they will go 10-2 ACC Champs. Go Canes!!!
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Why the U was so dominate and can they get back to that even in today's recuiting world of colege football? I will say YES! they can. Why? well the "U" has something that no other colleg football team has, and that is the 305, 954, and the 561. The "U" can recruit some of the best talent right out of their back yard. This is better then the Texas's the USC's of the world where some of the best talent comes from almost at the same level as south florida. But the difference is, these kids in Dade and Broward county were playing each other since peewee football. You have a condenced area that's not too spread out and full of talent that have come across each other for many years of playing against one another. When they get into high school they know who has as much talent as them or more, so they manuver their addresses to play at the same school as that talented kid. It makes sence to get with the highest volume of talent because when college coaches start coming around recruiting they are going to the schools that has the most talent and you will have a better chance to be noticed even if you are not as talented as the one they are coming to see. When one of these talented kids leave Dade County to play football, they usually make big noise where ever they go. Most start their first or second year of college ball and go on to be the stars of that program if they don't get into trouble. Just recently some have been making a big deal out of some the kids that has left Dade County to play else where, like up there in Gainesville. If one recuit leave and get away from the "U", it becomes a big deal, "the walls are falling down" "Ranndy Shanon can't keep the players here" All of that is a bunch of "non sence" Corker got away from the local talent and started to chase the stars as in "5" star "4" star players around the country and got himself fired. Ranndy is the one that had to mend the relationship with the local coaches again so that he could secure the bounderies around the talent in the inner city and local areas around Dade. The coaches and the kids in south forida no longer feel alienated and now they are going back to Coral Gables. Miami is on it's way back to where it was back in the days when they talked trash and then kicked a#@%s. Why? well let me expain. When you get kids from around the country, they have to get use to the area, players, coaches. They are away from home, some become home sick and start missing their girl friends, and mom's cooking never looked so good too. The recruits that come in together still have to get use to one another, sometime it will take them a good 2 to 3 years before they are comfortable and mature enough to take that next step to showcase their talent and shine. USC has to go out from the local area to secure great talent, Texas has to go out from the local area to secure great talent even though it can come the close to the Dade County area. So in that sence as in the volume of concentrated talent the "U" is unique in their recruiting. More kids get offered D-1 scharleships in the tri-county area then any where else in the US. The level of competetion is so much better then anywhere else too because they play year round football. That's why colleges are frequent down here trying to get these kids because even the so called "3" and "2" stars are better then most "4" and "5" star kids from some where else. Shannon has done a great job of keeping these kids in Coral gables, he can't possibly get them all, not enough schallies for them, etc.. Jakorie Gore, not enough room for him, Ranndy had to turn him down and he is a talented running back and kin to former "Cane" Frank Gore. But he will go some where else and be a star. Ranndy's past 2 recruiting classes have been great, and the attitude of these players are different because they know each other. When the 2008 class walked by some of the senior and juinors on the team they said they where coming in to take their jobs and this was especially directed to the wide receiver on the team. That type of brash attitude does not happen if they were not together as a group who known each other and played with and against each other all through pop and peewee football. Ranndy does'nt have just one or two that escape to go some where else and become stars on their team, he has 10 to 15 every year that he was the "MAN" recruiting for the "U" So the question is, when do we expect these recuits to grow up and become stars?..taking it to the next level? They started out last year when most of these kids were fresh pups, and now they are a year sronger, faster, and more experienced. There could be a big explosion of progression that may shock you. This team could dominate every team that they play with the exception of Oklahoma due to their experience. The wall is not falling down because Urban Liar came here and got one recuit, and no Randy is not slipping by not keeping watch. But he is sneaking up in South Georgia and pick the pocketing of Urban Liar. who has slipped and left the door unlocked in Gainsville because of being too worried about what's happening here in Coral Gables. Ranndy did not get just one, not just two, but three and maybe four of the top talent in Urban land and he hates it. He threw out a recruit that held up a "U" sign at one of their camps after he dominated one of his recruits. That recruit could have changed his mind later on in the recruiting process but now they will not have any chance of that happening. I truely beleive that those in Gainesville are jealous of the "U", or Urban and his side kicks can really see the hand writing on the wall, that Randy has this team on it's way back and they can't stop it from happening. Urban can't get what he wants from down here as long as Randy is at the controlls, he get's what is left or boarder line qualifers that Randy just can't take a chance on. My thoughts on the season is that it will be great if the injuries are minamized in certain areas of the team. The offensive line can't get the injury bug. The defensive backs have to make progress, if all of these things happen, you could see and hear a big explosion of talent finally coming together and giving us a great year! Prediction: 10w 2L ACC champs LET"S GO CANES!!!!!!!!!
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Get out of the way because the fall will be great, dust will fly and ground will shake. That's the fall from grace when the gay-turds get a reality check when the T-Bone leaves Hillbillie Ville. That chunk and dunk offense won't go any where without the T-Bone stake running that type of offense. Zook players are long gone and we will see how the Urban Liar do with his own full slate of recruits. Remember what got Corker in trouble, looking at the stars. Yes he's getting the 4 and 5 stars, Corker got Kyle Write and a lot of paper stars too and they did not pan out. Randy require his cordinators to go and see the recruits first then offer them scollies. Yes some are 3 stars but look at their videos like Darion Hall's, guarentee he is a stud. 4 mil does not mean that u are a great coach, just ask Charlie Wiess at the Tarnished Dome in South Bend. This is the last year of Gay-Football, the-U men are back. Stay off the U talk u stinking reptiles and log on to for redkneck Gay-Turd talk! PS: gator tale does taste good though.
Whipple with NFL type wide recievers and a heady QB in J-Harris spells trouble for the rest of the ACC. Keep those Gayturds away from the computer this is not where they log on for Gay-stinking-turd talk!