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Hi May I ask why you haven't published the very long comment I posted to counter the claims of the user hass? It was an explanation for why the regime has acted the way it has, and I am feeling a bit unsettled about why you wouldn't publish it. Best, H
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hass What is rubbish is your level of understanding of Iran affairs. The precise reason Mousavi was vetted to run in the election was that he was deemed incapable of winning the vote as an obscure, uncharismatic candidate virtually unknown to the youth (and disliked by those who were in their formative years when he was prime minister). If you had bothered follow the news, you would have learned that Khatami announced his candidacy against Khamenei's rather stern advice only to have to withdraw his candidacy after he received several threats. The regime thought Mousavi would be a great filler of a place of an opposition candidate which would maintain the appearance of healthy election while being of no significant threat. The mistake Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, and Revolutionary Guards made was their failure to understand the depth of dissatisfaction with Ahmadinejad among both the middle class and the lower middle class in Iran. This dissatisfaction boiled over after the first ever live series of debates on Iranian state-run TV where Ahmadinejad's callous lying and attacking other people transgressed all boundaries of Iranian culture and revealed to people Ahmadinejad's almost-psychopathic persona. People saw him deny the existence of (the widely-circulated) video in which he claimed to have had a "halo" when he addressed nations at UN; people saw him show fabricated graphs and charts on economy contradicting his own Central Bank statistics; people saw him lie about the level of unemployment and the inflation (where even uneducated viewers knew well that inflation had risen remarkably); And people saw him do all this with a smirk and with confidence that insulted their intelligence. Ahmadinejad revealed himself to be a complete fraud, and interestingly, he did so thinking he was winning hearts and minds. On the other hand Mousavi did manage to win hearts and minds, as he continued to politely counter Ahmadinejad's lies until in the end he gave a two-minute "revolutionary" speech which spoke to people's hearts. People warmed up to him just enough to rally around him for their own cause. In the final two weeks of campaigning, against all expectations, Mousavi was able to form a "green movement" which was basically a coalition of the majority of those who wanted to see Ahmadinejad dethroned. As a personal piece of anecdotal evidence I will offer that a large number of people I personally know who have always boycotted the Iranian elections (to avoid legitimizing the half-baked version of the democracy of the regime) reluctantly became voters in this election as a tactical effort to see Ahmadinejad go. In addition to being taken by complete surprise, the vehement crackdown by Ahmadinejad/Khamenei goons reveals the extent to which the Iranian regime has moved towards amonopoly of power (with the aid of the revolutionary guards) during the first term of Ahmadinejad. This is a fact that was known to many of us (maybe not to this extent) before seeing the aftermath of the election. Before writing authoritative-sounding comments and misleading those who don't have access to the full story, it is better to educate yourself hass!
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