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Hahahaha: "What is Eric Holder and the Justice Department doing about this?..." Please note these are probably white girls so Eric Holder says they don't count...Nothing to see here - just move along....
Speaking of sharia: Islam's 1400 Years of Brutal Black Slavery: "This content may contain material flagged by YouTube's user community that may be inappropriate for some users." I watched it here: And there is no blood and gore - just history. It has been flagged simply for its truth...
Wow - creepy: "In OIC, Muslim-majority, nations every citizen has his or her religion prominently displayed on all identification papers..."
Wow - nice to see Yahoo writing with no "code words" in the article. Bravo - the first step is looking things squarely in the eye. "Islamic insurgents attacked Chechnya's parliament .... ...One militant blew himself up at the doors and another two ran into the building shouting "Allahu akbar!" — "God is great!" in Arabic — as they opened fire on the people inside, said Chechen police spokesman Ramzan Bekkhoyev. ....Islamic insurgents also have spread quickly across neighboring provinces in Russia's predominantly Muslim North Caucasus region, which separatists strive to turn into an independent emirate that adheres to Shariah law. The insurgents are thought to be in a sporadic network of cells that shelter in the region's forested mountains..."
Keep up the good work, Pamela. "I don't care what you say about me, as long as you say something about me, and as long as you spell my name right." --- George Cohan
Yes...and this terrorist quote: "We are the People God has Chosen to Defend Against the Unbelievers" is too eerily similar to this one: "We are the ones we've been waiting for"
"Because Texas is one of the biggest buyers of American textbooks, much of what students will learn across the country depends on this vote..." This should be the rallying cry of everyone on this website. My youngest is a freshman in college, and I am trying to balance the books he has on "Civilization." The required book on Islam is written by Karen Armstrong, an apologist for Islam. Lotta good that'll do us.
These guys sure use wussy the man in New York saying he was "abused" by his wife (even though he was a big guy) and therefor he beheaded her. Yeah right.
sergio48 said... The best defense against a muslim attacker is to shout loudly ...ALLAH AKBAR ALLAH AKBAR...he will be disoriented as is forbidden by the koran to kill a muslim WOW - that is a great idea! LOL
Thank you for your post. Yes - we need some real men...and their right to carry - My goodness they are soldiers...
Wow - a bit extreme, there, buddy...
It doesn't surprise me the Jihad conference is being held in Chicago, fitting somehow. LOL
Not to mention the electorate - we the people...
WOW! Classic for a first comment on this article... LOL Mary
Thank you Pamela. Your post is very well done! And I sent a donation yesterday. And,Han Solo, great idea about the Patriot Guard Riders.
...He copied that part from a novel of a Famous Malayalam Muslim Writer. Who was lived in the 20th Century. He only copied. That is not a wrong ... ...The problem arose when Mr. Joseph, a professor of Malayalam in Newman College Thodupuzha, included a narrative in a question paper that he prepared for the students of the college. The narrative was from an article written by film maker/politician P T Kunjumuhammed. Kunjumuhammed had written about the script that he wrote for his award winning movie “Garshom”. He wrote that the scene in which the protagonist of his film talks to God was inspired by a lunatic in his hometown. So the lunatic would call God and God would respond “what is it, you son of a dog“? (I am unsure that “Son of a dog” interprets it’s Malayalam usage “Naayinte mone” well though). The question that came with the narrative was to supply the punctuation. ...I am dumbfounded that after all that has happened, it turns out that the prose in question was written by a Muslim writer named Kunhumuhammed. Why did they then chop the Christian professor's hand? Googling on the subject, I came upon the following blog, in which the writer gives the background of the prose. It appears that Kunhumuhammed was onto something else and did not seem to have criticism of Mohammad or Allah in mind. Well - I still didn't find the actual question - but the links and quotes above should help.
I read his question somewhere on another site and it wasn't even defamatory AT ALL. Certainly did not warrant a permanent injury...even a slap across the face would have been an overreaction for what he wrote. it was neutral, I believe. I'll see if I can find the question