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Other modules than lens+sensor can be attached to the camera: projectors, hard disks, wifi controllers... On the other hand, mount-equiped modules are possible too... For instance, a micro 4/3 module or a M-APS module. It is no the same to ask Panasonic and Olympus to enter in their system, with nothing in the pockets, than asking that with a working system and lots of potential customers. I think this is only a starting point. Ricoh is free now to get any direction.
Mike, the most important thing about this camera is the EVF. It is a kind of a revolution. I am thinking on the Leica M cameras. Imagine a digital M camera with live view and an accessory electronic viewfinder. It would replace all the accessory viewfinders for M cameras. Even more, it would allow a comfortable use of tele lenses, macro lenses and Leica R lenses... This is the line for future development of the M cameras. I am not talking on a replacement of the current viewfinder/rangefinder, but on an accessory viewfinder for particular uses... Rubén Osuna
I recommend to take a look at the MTF graphs of Leica S lenses... nothing short of sensational: .
Two interesting articles by Joseph Holmes on medium format problems... mostly due to "flexibility": I think "closed" systems is the present (and future). Hasselblad and Leica knows it, and Phase One knows it too (they have bought Mamiya and Leaf).