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I pre-ordered months ago. So, now can we look forward to our girl doing the talk-show to promote her work? How about the "View". Pamela talking to those ladies would be TV history. Give us the heads up so we can set the VDRs. PS I still expect to get my inside cover kissed!
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on Look! Book! Pre-Orders Get Priority! at Atlas Shrugs
How does HouseTleilaxu know that this guy is not a Muslem? Does he have inside information, is he a personal friend? One certainly does not need to be Muslim to be a tool. For example, HouseTleilaxu is probably not a Muslim, but he definitely is a tool. Who else would think that Anjoum Noorani and his little chorus of pricks either made or had any intention of making valid points? Their intention was to mock and ridicule what other people, people whom they despise, believe is Holy. They enjoyed some cheap laughs and got to feel superior to someone for a few minutes. Or does HouseTleilaxu believe that the fact the Catholic Church does not officially condone artificial contraceptives and is actively anti-abortion is brand new information. And these pricks found an excellent means of spreading the information to all the uniformed Catholics in the world? I don't know much about Catholicism, but I can say that this douche-bag HouseTleilaxu knows nothing about diplomacy. This is probably among the innumerable subjects he pretends to understand, but actually knows nothing. So I don't know if ANJOUM NOORANI is a Muslem or not. But I can tell that he is an asshole. What I don't get is how the Foreign Ministry was so mismanaged that they let this communication go forward. Get some chain of command integrity over there. However, it would make great sense to do a deep background check on Mr Noorani.
I love you Christians, but why aren't you doing more to get your fellow Christians out of danger. Do you support legislation that grant asylum to any Christian living under persecution from any country in the world. A policy that does not need the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to decide who is in need.
How can there be so many acid attacks in the M.E. and S.W. Asia? Are there acid venders on the street selling the stuff for the purpose attacking girls. If you have not already, check out Phyllis Cheslers photos of acid attack victims.
I know that the term "social justice" goes back at least to the American Revolution. But I have never heard the expression used by a contemporary to mean any other than straight-up Marxism. One social group if thought of as deserving punishment and another social group deserves entitlement. This destroys all justice for the individual. What happens when 2 entitled groups believe each believe they are more entitled than the other in this racial caste system. Taken too far this sort of thing gets people killed.
"This is serious propaganda on the level of communist re-education camps" We have a long way to go before the US has the kind of re-education camps that existed, and I assume still exist in Red China. Let's save those kinds of claims for the real thing or the words will become meaningless. I have read a lot about the Chinese Revolution and especially about the Cultural Revolution. Mostly biographies and memoirs of those unfortunate enough to have either been a Red Guard or a prison or GULAG inmate. I am very interested in the mass hysteria and various forms of brainwashing employed by the Chinese Communists herdzcatz's story sounds to me like self-criticism sessions that occurred throughout the communist world. The main purpose was to destroy the minds and personalities of the oppressed classes and identify oppressors for any sort of abuse. In the case of the Chinese N. Koreans and SEAsian communist countries the meeting usually involve people (including children) being beaten to death. Obviously we are not at the point when NEA people are beating people they perceive as oppressor to death. But the symbolism and the totalitarian thinking is the same. Thought control is the ultimate goal.
What reality TV show??? Did I miss something? Is Mrs. Palin on "Charm School"? If she supported "amnesty" in 2008 (which I would be VERY surprised to learn), does she still support that position now (even harder to believe). I don't know how electable she is, but she has a place in American politics. I hope that conservatives don't write her of on one issue, which is no where near the most important issue of our time. I don't agree with everything she supports, but she is a positive force against our enemies and our fellow countrymen who pretend the enemy does not exist, or is somehow redeemable. Some individuals are redeemable, but what are the real chances of most. However, an evil ideology is never redeemable and must be destroyed completely. Fellow travelers must be forced to see and acknowledge what they have been supporting as pure evil.
It's about time! It's not about showing support for Sarah as it is to show disillusionment with the democratic party. I don't need to name names, because all of them are currently in lock step (either out of fear or desire for personal power or just some bizarre fantasy). Don't get me wrong; I love Sarah. When she says she stands with Israel, we can completely believe her. Now remember what the demos were saying during the last campaign. I personally believed the lies told by Rahm Emmanuel.
I googled this chick's name hoping to see these nude pix (just curious). I did not see the nude pix but there are several taken of her the same day as the above photo. If you check these photos out you can see how tight and revealing that black yellow bumble get-up she's wearing is. Now she wants to cover her hair out of modesty. Who's looking at her hair? Check out her tits! ps Sorry ladies
This is no joke because it works and it is completely in line with what Tariq Ramadan has been saying about women being central to the "civil rights struggle" for all Mulims. Feminists, with a brave few exceptions (see Phyllis Chesler) eat this nonsense with a spoon and are currently more concerned with the victim status of Arab men than of the most oppressed people in the world, Muslim women.
I may agree with pythagoras to an extent. The point I would like to add is the longer nothing is done, the more likely we (U.S.) will be at war with Iran. We are probably already beyond the point where limited air strikes could ensure the nukes are taken out. The only remaining option is full scale invasion and long term occupation. Historians in the future will likely conclude the next war was the result of Obama's failure. They will be scratching their heads wondering how the American people could let it come to this.
This link is better: You can see exactly what kind of guy Dick Jordan is.
You've got the wrong Richard Jordan. He is not a Lutheran minister from Iowa, he this dude:
Apparently her parents were Christian, and she is a member of the Israeli Communist Party. But she is a cute Arab chick, and that is the main problem the Islamist have with her.
Hmmm. Odd, yes. But don't be surprised when she is celebrated in the national press for her courage to stand up against adversity. I wouldn't even be surprised if she won.
What are we seeing in the first pic? Are those British officers in the back row? What year was this?
Christina is hot. Why are there so many cute arab chicks, often with CHRISTIAN NAMES, speaking for Islamist groups? "Guilt by association"(???) I am concerned with guilt of association. It's the association itself which should be scrutinized. If it's all a misunderstanding (due OUR rampant islamophobia), then are there not Muslims denouncing these groups in with they are so tragically associated with
Are there any policemen who think they need this sort of individual??? Let's hear some quotes.
MAC & Terry (and all) If you have not read already, I recommend Jaime Glasov's United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror. This is an analysis of why Lefties are attracted all or any form of violent, repressive political ideology. Ideology and pursuit of personal hedonism are not the issue.
I had intended to request an "Atlas Book Club." There is so much available, it may be hard for some people to start researching. I suggest you start with a good and well reputed analysis, and then follow that author's research notes to the main sources. Just be careful of writers who reference their friends, and sometimes themselves as sources. When you see this pattern, you are reading propaganda regardless if it maybe true.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2010 on Atlas Book Club at Atlas Shrugs
By "enough" I mean enough to change my focus. Not that you you should stop the direction you're going. Now, about this Ellison tool, what holocaust is he referring to. The one Ward Churchill teaches us so much about??? Shall we say, "douche bag"?
Atlas, G-d bless you, you have done enough research on this subject, I expect to see a book released sometime this year. (I pre-ordered your last book and am patiently waiting.) I had thought, until seeing your research, that I was fairly knowledgeable on the topic. But you have shown us all have this went "full circle". I still have a lot of homework to do. I am amazed by YOU.
But speaking as someone who has lived in that area, no one who would shop at the store would care if a girl was wearing a hizab. In fact most teens would think it was pretty cool.
Was it just a coincidence that the on-scene reporters was named Amin-whatever? Maybe Goldberg, Levy and Stern were all busy at the time. Nothing new here. Just funny that she wants to work for a company that uses highly subjective but sexually ambiguous advertising. Do you think the guy in the first shot, pulling down his jeans to show he waxes his pubes is a muslim? Maybe. You never know. Someone should phone into one of those Arab Sharia talk shows and get an opinion from the Imam.
Why does no one at this university not see the irony of having a muslim prayer room in a place called "The Dialogue Center"?