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Mando - you need to get over hating Pat White. You have a serious problem - get some help!! You and Brian McMullen must be related (and, by the way, Brian, you might want to proofread your comments before you air your ignorance to the whole world - do you even have spellcheck?) I can't believe the Dolphins own fans are tearing White up after so little time on the field. A little patience, PLEASE!
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Mando - face it, you are incapable of writing anything positive about Pat White. And there are many Dolphin fans ready to dismiss him based upon your comments. He has been nothing but a winner anywhere he's played and the same will be true in Miami, once he's comfortable in the plan for his talents. The Brass in Miami have been smart in not displaying for the world the way in which they plan to use Pat White. Once the regular season begins, you will all see WHY he was drafted with the 2nd pick. Bill Parcels knows what he is doing or don't you people get that?
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Pat White had a good game - his receivers couldn't catch balls he fired straight to them! He had one bad throw all night. Yes, he needs some polishing, but those things will come with time. Why are you always so negative when it comes to PW? Did you see the same game we saw?
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