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MJ Meredith
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By MJ Meredith, Web Team Since becoming a volunteer Arago Researcher in 2009, James Hamilton (pictured left) has written about hundreds of Vatican City stamps for the museum’s online collection, Arago. This got us wondering, how did someone like James originally become interested in philately and what was it about Vatican City stamps that sparked his curiosity? James, when and how did you first become interested in stamp collecting? I started collecting stamps at age 10 or 12, encouraged by my mother, grandmother, and an aunt. They provided me with used stamps from their correspondence. I quickly became interested in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2011 at National Postal Museum
When you think of a “curator,” what do you envision? Ever wonder what exactly a curator does? How do they pick which objects go on exhibit? Yesterday’s “Ask a Curator Day” on Twitter gave the public a chance to find out. Ask a Curator Day was a worldwide question and answer session in which more than 300 museums from across the globe participated. The Postal Museum fielded a constant stream of questions all day. In the end we answered 85 questions—and we answered them all in Twitter’s required 140 characters or less! Three museum curators participated, Nancy Pope, Historian/Postal Operations,... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2010 at National Postal Museum
National Postal Museum staff got into the holiday spirit last week by decorating this year’s holiday tree. The beautiful live tree and the surrounding poinsettias provided by Smithsonian Horticulture fills the museum atrium with holiday cheer. Elena Allegretti, Assistant to the Director, places ornaments on the tree. While our tree includes traditional decorations like glass bulbs, stockings and Santa’s, our favorite ornaments have a postal or philatelic theme. This year’s ornaments include mailboxes, postmen, holiday stamps from around the world, and envelopes decorated by museum visitors. All of the ornaments have been generously donated to the museum over the years.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 7, 2009 at National Postal Museum
A loud rendition of the ABC’s rang out through the National Postal Museum today, signaling the unmistakable start of another great year of school tours. The cacophony of 18 three- and four-year olds singing really is magical, and we even had a few visitors join in to sing the ABC’s with us. The song announced that the pre-kindergarten Listen, Look and Do program had begun again, featuring Hispanic Heritage through a study of culture and cuisine. What better way to engage young students than through song, the alphabet, and of course, food! © United States Postal Service. All rights reserved.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2009 at National Postal Museum