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I'd love to know where that woman's Twitter squawkings are. Maybe she realised what a complete moron she'd been and gave up the idea of outing your imagined dickery to the general populace. Stuff like this is why I never approach any famous people I spot in public, I don't want to start a stampede! I usually just smile. People should be allowed lives. If they not only hung about waiting for you (which is creepy in itself, especially at a weekend where you and the other people in there had made yourselves available at official events) but crowded in to the point where they were causing a physical problem, then it doesn't really matter what they wanted the autographs for, it's unacceptable and most people would have reacted far more...explosively.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2011 on if you cut me, i will bleed at WWdN: In Exile
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One day I'd like to try one of these big conventions, but I'll never go to a one-franchise convention again after a bad experience with a Doctor Who convention a few years ago. I went on my own as I couldn't talk anyone else into shelling out money for it, but I thought hey - we all have something in common, maybe I won't make best friends and hook up with a group of people, but people will at least have a friendly word or two to say, right? Wrong. I've never been around such a mean spirited, downright rude group of people in my life. The few people who did speak to me actually turned their backs - literally - when I mentioned it was my first convention. Apparently, I wasn't a real fan. After a few attempts to make conversation with people while in line for things, I realised that not only did nobody want to talk to me, they didn't want to talk to anyone but the stars and maybe the people they came with. It wasn't a community, it was a group of people who happened to be in the same room. I did get the opportunity to meet some of the cast, who were all extremely friendly and nice, and had a great conversation with a supposedly 'minor' cast member in the bar when he did what not one other person had done the whole day and actually came over to speak to me, but I'll never forget how awful the fans were.
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