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The Chief Executive of the United States Government is Barak Obama. To him must go the blame for this travesty.
Well, what should I do? Should I laugh or should I cry when I see the first man wearing it? Maybe I should laugh in the wearer's face then I can cry when I'm out of his sight.
I will celebrate any victory even a small one. Let's hope that Friday sees another one.
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2010 on Wilders Not Guilty! at Atlas Shrugs
There are a lot of genealogical records stored at the Buckingham County Records Office in Aylesbury. I hope that there are no bad riots there. This may sound a little cold against the death of this poor woman but it feeds into my fears about Islamitsation of England.
If they son't want Franklin Graham we should get Jimmy Swagart to speak at the Pentagon. I remember him once saying that the only opinion that he could have about Islam after reading the Koran is that A demon spirit must have been involved. This was before 911.
It is true that speaking out against Islam and it's Jihad is risky. That is why people like Pamels and Robert Spencer are so precious. On that Bill O'Reily is correct. I will, however, admit that he seems to be getting a bit soft in his advancing years as often happens to people.
There is an old vaudeville saying "Shuffle off to Buffalo. At the risk of being ghoulish would Muzzammil Hassan's actions be called Shuffeling off your wife's head in Buffalo? Sick, sick I know.
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