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I was really happy about this change. Maybe 3 out of my 600 followers actually start any reply to me with my username. Most of them say "blah blah blah @myname blah blah." So, FINALLY, I can see all my replies. It was so annoying before to miss 99 percent of my replies because they HAD to put my name first for me to see it. Also, it's fun to know who is retweeting or mentioning you...I meet lots of new people that way. I suppose, with 40 billion followers, it's harder to keep up. Maybe if Twitter gave the option to do @replies or @mentions. :) I've only received one spambot (if I'm understanding you correctly)...a RT that wasn't really a RT. I never posted the tweet they claimed I had. But that's the only time it's happened to me. They probably use your name because you are more prolific and well-known. :)
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