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Armando, I am sure your mother is smiling down upon you and that she was more proud of you than you will ever know. It is stories like your family's that make this country great. Thanks for sharing it.
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Now back to Mando's "most important thing," the song. I hope Stephen Ross was listening when they played it. Just like Coca Cola found out, you can't change a classic. It might not be the best song, but it is the one we grew up with and love. By we, I mean the fans who were still there after three rainy preseason quarters. We may not be the demographic the team is trying to grow, but we are the ones that buy the merchandise, don't scalp our tickets to opponent's fans, cheer the loudest, and raise our kids to be dolfans. Surely Mr. Ross is a good enough businessman to realize this - so throw us a bone and bring back the oldschool song AFTER the scores (you can still play some of that innocuous Fins song too).
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