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Thanks for this post Wil, it helps to get the word out about a growing problem that Twitter will need to deal with if its going to continue to thrive. It doesn't just affect big users, if a topic get trending, its not long before the spammers start tagging along on a #hashtag. Notice the great #songsincode trends this week, after a day or so the spam comments started showing up and hiding the real content. Twitter needs to use some aggressive machine learning to analyze users and whether they are spammers or not. Maybe allow all tweeters to vote on a user. Any users that have high spam votes get temporarily suspended barring an email from that verifies there identity with a real human interaction. Its a bit of work, and some people will cry "censoring!" but we need a twitter to be a nice, rambunctious bazaar, not anarchy. Some order is necessary for useful discussion. Another approach you may want to take is calling up other famous people on twitter and organize a your call out for change a bit more.
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