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What is going on?! We have to reduce the number of players leaving this program! The current coaching staff believes in a "stock-piling philosophy" for certain positions. There is nothing wrong with having plenty of good players at the same position. However, the current coaches are implementing this in the wrong fashion. Stock-piling is done with players from different gaduating years, not players in the same graduating year. One suggestion is to reduce this philosophy of "same-graduating class stock-piling" philosophy. For example, why were we recruiting three running backs this past year. As it turned out, B Brown left but that was only after it was clear we were trying to recruit three running backs from the same year. How were we ever going to play three players from the same year anyways (even if we redshirted some of them) ? This stock-piling philosophy only works if the stock-piling is done with guys who are in different graduating years. We now have three quarterbacks leaving due to this same class stock-piling philosophy. The students leaving can see the selfishness of this philosophy. USC has a bunch of quarterbacks but they are in different graduating classes, thus they know if they stay they will have a fair chance to see the field. We have a stock-piling of wide-receivers which normally is not a bad thing , EXCEPT THEY ARE ALL FROM THE SAME GRADUATING CLASS. I suspect we will see some wide-receivers leaving after it is clear they will have no chance to see the field. These college students are not dumb. The stock-piling philosophy, if implemented poorly (guys from the same graduating year),only helps the coaches but not there own chances. However, the stock-piling philosophy, if implemented correctly (guys from different graduating classes) , can be a win-win situation for the coach and players
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