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I just read something from the bleacher report that says miami is 14-15 in ACC play.
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can anyone think of a legitmate list of coaches that miami can offer or get? whether they are from small school to big schools.
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Also we have the best little league in the country. Some of the best high schools in the country. Look at the kid vernon from duke, he is having a good year (gulliver prep). FSU on the rise, 4-5 star recruits, coach who makes his guys accountable. UF a program with a hangover from Tebow, 4-5 star recruits, coach who makes guys accountable. UM- NFL first drought, Lose to virginia, FSU blowout, No heart, Unstable, I'm sick of this love/hate relationship. If we don't win a acc title next year, I'm going to start a Fire Shannon fund. This money will go towards covering the money that kirby can't afford.
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Let me just say that I'm have always been a supporter of Randy Shannon. But this year is unacceptable. You give ohio state a game but get blowed out by FSU, who barely beat boston college. Then were down 24 points to virginia??? That game reminded me of Wake forest last year. I mean know every team plays miami differently but I'm tired of losing. We need a coach who will make these guys accountable on the field. This crap just makes me mad. I'm sick of not getting top florida recruits. Im sick of losing to under 500. teams. Kirby needs to stand up to donna and bring change to this garbage. This is B.S. and if no one on here is mad then I dont know what to say.
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Was that the first day of practice? truth be told AJ will play more this year than Taylor. So at least he will have some game time exp. For example when we play FAMU.
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Yeah Thats a good point 360Cane. I just hope that I staff stays intact. I think Whipple will do good considering he had Ben and McNabb. He also has a superbowl ring. If he can develop jacory and AJ we will be fine.
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Does anyone know if AJ highsmith is a dual threat?
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Yeah he would make a good daul threat QB. But I'm focused on FSU and game planning them. Anyone knows who their star players are on both sides of the ball? Is Myrone Rolle gone?
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does any cane fan have more info on the Dline situaiton?
wow you know your good, when you have 4 bad seasons and everyone forgets that every team has their slump. Talking to a vetern cane fan he told me it was the same things in the 90's. Then once the 00's came miami was unbelieveable. Where was vatech, usc, notre dame, gatech,ohio state,texas, oklahoma in the 90's. There were in the same boat we are in now. This year I would accept 8-4. Next year will be better. And 2011 Is going to be really scary.
can we get some real cane fans to represent and change the topic. This is foolish talk.
Orange and green I have to agree with u and say Jacory and highsmith.
can anyone tell me when was the last time maimi had a quarterback go down for a substanial amount of time? It's been a long time. I think jacory will be healthy and and if he's hurting then he won't show it.
Finally someone is positive. People forget before Gatech last year we were in first place. Also we beat the orange bowl champions. I know so did some other teams, but we are close to putting this thing together. No one in the ACC has better fresh and sophs like we do. So lookout we are coming back.
I think we will be fine. I personally wanted more scholarship players for this year recruiting class. Now we have an extra 2 scholarships availible. Do we now go with Jake Medlock or Turner Baty? or someone else? let me know what you think.