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In Florida the cost is too great to justify any savings on power over time and the State has no money for incentives (which were not that great) any longer due to budget cuts. The other subject no approached is the cost to remove the panels from your roof when you need to reroof or make repairs from any storms.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Every Rooftop Matters at Coming Clean
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Obviously THERE IS a problem with the balance of salaries being paid, IF they are concerned with employee infighting about wages...secretive salaries that may be paying those that don't deserve it would be a good guess, instead of equal pay for equal work ? A Publicly held Utility that has a monopoly on service areas, using consumer rate-hikes to increase returns to stockholders beyond normal market rates and maintaining unrealistic salaries of upper management is both unfair to the consumer and other employees of the utility. "He who hides nothing, has nothing to hide", that goes for utility corporations, too.
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Another example of How we got into this "mess" with continued over-building, dependence on growth Florida cannot sustain. The same groups that got us in this situation (Building, Real Estate and Banking Industrys) continue to pursue 'building more' with the Chamber of Commerce as their "puppetmaster" and Floridians for Smarter Growth, 'the political puppet'...bent on saying anything to make claims that Hometown Democracy Amendment 4 is not good because it would be the downfall of Florida. Hello!?...look in the mirror...what did your growth theory just do to Florida ?! Take back your voice on growth and keep in within boundaries of resources (Comprehensive Plans) Vote 4 in 2010 for Florida, for You!
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I recently attended a PE Commission townhall meeting in Central Florida and Progress Energy was seeking a return on their (?) investment of 13-14%...they call it 'their' investment to stockholders while at the same time the consumer is the one 'investing' up front money but getting no 'return'...much less a return of that magnitude in today's market. It's totally unreasonable to make another rate increase request at this time. Furthermore, no information was furnished regarding what measures were taken within Progress Energy's ranks to 'tighten their belt', all the while CEO and Executives earnings are based on a past lucrative term of high-volume, high earnings which no longer reflect today's economy...where is Progress Energy's effort to cut overhead costs?
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