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Karen Mahoney
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Thank you so much for linking to my piece, Terri. :) Also, I really am excited for TEETH! Have a happy weekend, Karen
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That's it!! Oh wow, now I can google them and be happy. Thanks very much. :)
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Hi Wil and Wil's People. *waves from the UK* This is such a longshot, but there's a pretty good chance there might be a few geeks hanging out here who might read this... ;) It's just driving me mad that I can't remember the name of the fantasy battle game me and my brother played in school (mid- to late-80s). You each had a sort of A5-sized book which represented your chosen character. Then you SWITCHED books to actually play the game, so that the pages you looked at showed you what your opponent is doing, depending on what battle moves you made. There were various warriors, and I seem to remember a wraith character... (or something like that). Anyone? Bueller? (And thanks, Wil, for letting me borrow your blog to ask this. I know I didn't ask permission first, but my friend Caitlin says you're cool and I hope you don't mind. *g*) Cheers, Karen
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Oh, Wil. I'm so sorry. I usually just lurk around here, but this breaks my heart. I understand this pain all too well, and am offering lots of love. It will definitely get... easier when Anne comes home. How you're managing by yourself is beyond me. Hang in there. Karen (My favourite poem for grief, sadness and tough times:
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