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Hey! No sense in besmirching that poor horse's rear with Brennan's face!
Congratulations, Tim! Your daughter shows remarkable poise. Please note that her remaining polite but on point just added to the right vs. wrong dynamics. That experience will serve her well in future confrontations and debates. Class never goes out of style! "The Thinking Toolbox: Thirty-five Lessons That Will Build Your Reasoning Skills" by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn is a decent little beginner logic/debate book. My 13 year old devoured it.
Sarastro, I have read similar quotes from social network newsfeeds coming from Iranians. As many, however, were wondering where was the rest of the free world - notably the US. I don't advocate another "winning the hearts and minds" endeavor, but I would like to have seen more overt put up or shut up diplomatic pressure put on the countries in the region who are vying to polish their identity as world class players. Now would be a good time for those countries to prove where they stand. Or maybe they have. Of course, the foundational moral endictment is where her friends have left Israel.
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How devout.
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The revulsion I have for Ahmadinejab is only exceeded by the revulsion I have for Barak Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama and their whole evil crew. They are all children of the Father of Lies. The average protestor in Iran will not remember we were saddled with a lying anti- American sissy pants for a president, they'll remember that the democratic nations in the world knowingly stood and watched. Our children will pay for this.
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Anytime adults "train" children without the parents explicit consent one should question the agenda and integrity of those adults who are being allowed time with your child. If a parent is ignorant of what is going on in their child's life they are doing a sorry job. Our soldiers who are sacrificing everything on our behalf deserve our diligence for liberty and justice at home. The teenagers of today will be the next generation of leaders. Do not lose sight of this. The enemy hasn't.
Considering the ratio of the population that is muslim, not so much, I think it is notable that so many muslims hold sensitive positions in our government. If we weren't at war with such a methodical, insidious enemy whose very goal is our complete desolation it wouldn't be so chilling. Looked at the USDA lately? How about the Departments of Environmental Quality in environmentally sensitive states?
Just lettin' y'all know. When I fly I like to have my Bible in one hand, a bloody mary in the other and I'm known to say "Oh thank you, Lord!" out loud. ;-) As much as I love the thrill of flying, with any luck I will not be subjected to commercial flying anytime soon. It is a simple truth that the state of our air travel portrays what Islam has already accomplished in the mockery and takeover of America. I just can't make myself play the game. I am weary of extending hospitality to enemies. I am weary of pretending I'm okay with the indignities of airport security. I am weary of extortion from a government that does not have my country's best interest at heart. I am weary of ignoring at our peril that all diversity is not created equal. Truly, I find it hard to believe no one on that flight had the class or character to take better care of those teenagers. Shame on us, America! Shame! Shame! Shame!
Over 100 million $ for Haiti in Bill's column, these two cats in Hill's column. Really. Don't they make everyone else look so amateur?
Regarding Israel's presence on the island, I thought to myself that is surely the group I'd pray to receive my child's broken body. Bless them and Zion. I've seen it reported that the guys in the US Military have been frustrated by the obstacle of politicians from all over the world jamming up the very limited capability of the Haitian airport. Photo-ops over substance are not something that sits well with the "git 'er done" set. I'll bet the politicians can't look those guys in the eye. As Solomon (and David Byrnes) said, "SAME AS IT EVER WAS...."
You have to look at something and wonder why it happened at a certain point in history. If this had happened a few years before people would not be so informed by alternative news sources. Much later, and we might not have access to the freedom of speech we enjoy this day - fishy or not. If acknowledging the timeliness of these events and the severity of the manifold grievances does not convict us in our hearts to do something right now... will we have blood on our hands?
Oh, yeah!
Yep, Rowan Williams is a man of wealth and taste. I encourage you to seek the renegade Church of England congregations who are being nurtured by the global south church out of Africa. It is a movement in the US that is quite reassuring that there are people out there who have moral backbone and a brain. If a Christian is against the Jews, I am afraid they may be part of the unharvestable seed in that famous parable. Why do I say that? Because if they've read their Bible from front to back they'd know better. Gotta read your TEXT messages! ha!
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TNG, would you rather your children grow up in a country where this behavior is tolerated? Which is more dangerous, to take a stand now or let it go further? Do we owe our military civic accountability at home while they are directly in harms way fighting the same war? Do we owe our posterity the chance to grow up in the country we inherited - the land of the free and the home of the brave? Have you wondered how it was possible for the people of Germany to slip into such depravity? Didn't they see? Who do I fear more, my G-d or the people who hate me for loving Him? Be assured you are not the only one who has reservations about getting involved. You have to ask yourself, which choice is most consequential.
I ask again, where is the community from her school? Rifqa obviously was an outstanding student. Where are her classmates? Where are the other cheerleaders and moms? Where are the coaches? Where are the guys on the football team? Where is the school counselor? Where is the school administration? Where are the teachers who witnessed her bruises? These folks don't notice she's gone? They are okay with what's going on? Something doesn't add up.
Can't help but wonder about the anti-president's first state dinner.
Besides that, the folks with the minarets can't yodel worth a sh#t. Swiss chocolate for everybody! Tis the season!
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We have laws in place to protect Rifqa and others like her. The United States should not sign the UN treaty for the Rights of the Child. Please see:
John Jay. My last update concerning the treaty is this: Somalia and the United States were the last holdouts for signing the treaty. Somalia just signed. I pray we will not.
PersonOfTheBook. You are right on the money. At first glance the UN Rights of the Child Treaty sounds consistent with values we take for granted. As you pointed out, there may be more to it than we bargained for. Let's enforce the US laws we have. PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE: I've met the people behind the Parental Rights organization. I've read the treaty. I've read the arguments and attended presentations trying to raise awareness of this DANGEROUS treaty. This treaty would be a dream come true for Obama, Hillary and their legions. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. PLEASE GO TO
Well, actually, I would have to agree that Obama and Jimmy Carter do appear to produce much of the same religious fruit. And yep, I'd have to go along that they are both pretty devout. But Christian? Somehow I'm not getting that good shepherd vibe.
I'll say it again. Proverbs 22:6. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. How was Obama raised?
Am I the only one who finds the invasion of these people's privacy as troubling as the messages? There is some solace in the notion that the publication of these messages denotes an assessment of the state of our country by someone who was in control of this information that we be reminded of the horrific attack on civilians... Or should it be even more troubling that the situation is worth the risk to the one who leaked the info?