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When was the last time I picked up SI. I began boycotting those douchebags when they seemed to have a bias against S Fla teams. Now I get my info on the net,, etc. In regards to our season (and this is assuming Mr. Brady makes it through the season, a BIG if), I see the Patsies winning the AFC East. I see Miami sweeping the Just End the Season JETS, sweeping buffalo, splitting with the Patsies, Losing to SD, and finishing 10-6 and coming in as a wildcard. THis is assuming the Tampa game was an aberrancy and our DB's and Special Teams look better than they did. If they drop to 9-7, a playoff berth is doubtful. We need to go at worst 4 of 6 in the east and 6 of 10 in our other games. I think we should beat Atlanta, their defense esp DB's are horrible. I have concerns about Indy, and SD. They both look pretty good, esp SD. NO concerns me. After that we run the rest of the schedule until Sixburgh. (Yeah, Carolina a toss up and who knows what Tennessee will do) My hope is that Pitt have already locked up homefield and a first round bye and are resting their starters for the post season. Otherwise, could be a do or die win to secure our place in the playoffs. We know how that worked last year.... Oh yeah, it worked pretty well. Anyway, as one wise man said earlier, opinions are like assholes. Go Dolphins. Been cheering for them since George Wilson and I will as I draw my last breath. Chris
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I see the Dolphins sweeping the Jets, sweeping the Bills, and splitting with the Patsies. Is it just me or are the JETS fans illiterate and delusional. c'mon, you pick up the come and go Brett, let go of Pennington for NOTHING, and now struggle to find a starter @ QB. Sanchez may just set a record for pick for 6 in a season. He is going to spend more time on his back then Pam Anderson and will suck just as much. I can't wait. Get the vaseline ready JETS nation, you are !#!$$!%$R. What does JETS stand for? Just End the Season!!!!!! That will be the call by the 4th game. Enjoy watching the Phins in the playoffs, albeit as a wildcard.
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