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Something in both my eyes... and at work even! How am I going to explain this?!
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Do my eyes deceive me, or did I just read "apartment in Vancouver," and "working full time on Eureka?" Did I miss an announcement here or on Twitter? This sounds a bit more permanent than a fun SyFy guest appearance!
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2010 on precious and fragile things at WWdN: In Exile
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It's ok that you hate and don't want to use Facebook. I get that, and agree with your reasoning. Their constant privacy BS is indeed BS. HOWEVER, considering your place in our lives as a writer/actor/sci-fi demigod shouldn't you set up your "official" page, even if you never go there again to post anything? That, to me, makes the most sense. It stakes your claim so that people that are looking, can find you. I know that I looked for you, and not finding anything "official" put my "Like" stamp on something with your name just so my friends would know that I'm a fan of yours. Shoot, put a blurb up that you hate facebook, and why, so everyone knows you won't be there posting all of the time. It's also a great way to get word out about your upcoming appearances on TV and in person. Also, there's a cool way for everyone to easily check their privacy settings and find out how much of themselves they are giving away to the masses. That's my $0.05!
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Dude, you're the white Hardison! Loooved it!!
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