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I don't have that many followers, but find that I get a lot of the porn spam followers, unfortunately. Since I don't get even close to the traffic you do, I don't have the problems you do with trying to sort through the chaff though. I know it doesn't solve your problem of being able to read your spam messages, and for you, policing accounts that follow you is probably not a good option - you have too many followers, with too many adding all the time. But... passing the word to your followers could help. I've seen that one of the best ways to help, at least somewhat, with the spambots, is to flag them each and every time one gets added. I find that when I do, the account is deleted from Twitter, sometimes within hours. I think the number of blocks an account has gets a lot more attention than a note to @spam. And it has the added benefit of not attracting more attention from the spambots. If more people would block these accounts, instead of keeping them to artificially raise their follower counts (and I'm only talking about people like me, who reasonably can, not people with thousands or tens of thousands of followers), the spam problem on Twitter would probably go down a lot. Not go away, but the quicker the accounts are deleted, the less spam they can produce. And the more blocks the accounts get, the quicker they will be deleted.
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Just watched the episode last night (gotta love TiVo!) The whole cast did a great job, and you were great in the part. There was only one thing they got wrong with your character that I could tell.... The name never would have been Chaos. It would have been Kaos, or Cha0s (with a zero), or ka0s (also a zero), or kA0z (again a zero - the hacker community love to use zero instead of o), or... well, you get the idea. I'm surprised they missed that detail. Fantastic job all around though.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Leverage - The Two Live Crew Job at WWdN: In Exile
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