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Elena Karina Byrne
Elena Karina Byrne is a poet, essayist, editor, events curator and mixed medium-artist.
Interests: All literature, film, eclectic music, the deep sea and deep space, environmental protection, passion.
Recent Activity
I'm interested in this--at the crossroads of a new life and changes. Was originally accepted to NYU, Columbia and Warren Wilson, foregone with having children and lack of it's free game! Tell us more..
I think it was a marvelous post and I especially agreed with the part about the differences in class sizes, the joy of "unconcealment", and in not letting our ego push "the poem out, then the moment fails" -- which reminds me of some book reviewers who take a particularly aggressive, negative hand to the review---for what purpose?--so that it is more about that reviewer's self-perpetuating mental exercise of ego... Teaching and writing are not static, both perpetually in motion toward discovery. "Hungry for sustenance," a writer's process, in and out of classrooms, it seems to me, is about seeing and seeing again, and then finding new ways to see and therefore, to say.
Thank you! Odd synchronicity when one finds unlikely matches ... It has been a fun week--tomorrow will be my good-bye and homage to the "unknown" cheers EK
Thank , thank you--and yes Cathy's work is marvelous. I'm trying to bring light to some new writers out here and make this whole thing a celebration of many topics. Thanks to David St. John and Gail Wronsky and others, we have a supportive, lively community of thriving writers and artists... I shall lie down with duende's jellyfish veil and hope we can heal ourselves from the darkness