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The one thing that makes healthcare different than any other "business" is that the comody is human life. Everyone wants the best and the most but no one wants to pay for it - or maybe they simply don't have the means. With the rise of obesity in the US and other countries there is more demand for services and not enough healthy people in the insurance pool to pay for all the care they need. I think if asked no one wants to be "uninsured" but if the cost of coverage outweighs the benefit (no risk if they don't have any assets) the uninsured will probably choose to forgo coverage. They know we have to take care of them if something goes wrong and many providers end up footing the bill. I think many of the discussions happening in the reform debates are necessary and a step in the right direction. We have to get to a base level of care for everyone and we have to agree what that base level of care is going to be. The Federal Employee plan being touted as a model is a government plan administered by for profit health plans. I haven't used it personally, but I have had patients use the FEP plan and they seem to have adequate coverage. As a Canadian that received excellent care under a social plan, I am not concerned about a government run healthcare option.