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Hi Wil! I'm one of the writers who interviewed you for this episode. (The piece is here.) And I wanted to make a point of dropping by your blog to say thank you. You see, when I mentioned that some of us knew you from Star Trek, what I meant was I knew you from Star Trek. I grew up with TNG, and I appreciated you as a part of that show and as part of my childhood. When that show went off the air, my love of sci-fi seemed to go with it, and to this day I look to it as an important part of my youth. It was a real pleasure to interview you, and I wish I could have actually remembered to phrase that somehow. Speaking to you really made me re-embrace and feel better about those geeky parts of me and my past. I still have my comic books and action figures, and I do understand the difficulties of growing up like that and not fitting in; I never did except for among a small group of friends, all of whom have since passed. I've started, thanks to you, to look back on those memories for the first time in a long while and to re-embrace the creativity and the dorkiness of who I used to be, instead of running away from it. So, thank you. It wasn't just a great interview, it was great for me personally. And I appreciate it. If we ever run into each other, remind me to buy you a drink. Best, Brittany Frederick brittanyw @ thetwocentscorp dot com
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