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An interesting thing happened when I was doing my first Zen sesshin a couple of years ago. I was depressed, miserable, and the normal content of my consciousness (judgement) was magnified to where I literally couldn't stand many of the zen practitioners. This was especially true for the senior students whom I perceived as completely deluded as to their own dynamics of using zen to, ironically, create a much-needed identity (the special, 'spiritual' aspirant). I especially hated this one guy whom I judged as wanting to be the 'experienced zen guy' who instructed the inexperienced people (like me) because he needed the ego boost (and I perceived that he was donning the 'tranquil zen face' as part of his delusion). Anyway, I also decided to work the program and continue practicing becoming aware of these (and other) thoughts & bringing my focus back to my breath. After a couple of days of this, a very startling thing occurred: I looked at everyone and there was no more judgment -- there was actually this 'real' love for them. I didn't expect and didn't try to make this happen. It was REALLY a weird transformation and I told my friend, a long time zen student, & he said this is not an uncommon occurrence. This reminded me of the power of mind training from something a lay student (not a resident monk) at a zen monastery told me years ago: she said she's seen dramatic changes in a year in people who committed to practice.
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When I received this in my email, I was motivated to do some research on 'integrative psychiatry' before going back to using an SSRI for OCD, anxiety, and depression. In my past research, I hadn't looked explicitly for 'integrative psychiatrists'. I found well-credentiallyed Richard Brown, MD (as well as Rimi Kaminski) & read reviews of Brown's book highlighting his effective use of SAMe. I was more intrigued when I read the article (presented by a supplement provider) by Dr. Brown at My biggest fear: I want to make sure that I don't avoid trying something (e.g. Tianeptine) that would work better than (or as good as) an SSRI but w/o potential side effects. I have a request for info in to both. I'm now trying to find if there are integrative psychiatrists who have similar knowledge & experience in case the above two are not available ...
<< I think the American public has had enough of politics-as-usual and will see through this nonsense >> I hope so but ... my bet is that most of us won't. Although I consider myself someone who does due diligence when it comes to validating statements or determining bias, I find that my own emotions and 'buttons' can be leveraged where I can just accept stuff like this at face value (esp. when I'm going through selection of various alternatives for treatment and my emotional response to being overwhelmed takes over). This cautions me to be even more careful (or maybe even more paranoid :) ) but ... who else is pointing this out to a larger audience? I hope the recent bribery charge against the ACU helped to make us all more skeptical of articles and op-eds that are written (note: ACU provided a written letter, offering 2-3 mil to FedEx in exchange for pro-FedEx articles & op-eds written by ACU; FedEx turned it down).