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Here are the reasons why I truly believe this will be a winning year for the CANES. Football games are won by being strong in the critical areas on the field, and I believe as a result of improvement in these areas Miami will have a successful season. 1. Center Position: Most don’t want to acknowledge this openly, but this was the weakest position played on the offensive line last year. If your center can’t control the middle of the defensive line, your offensive becomes inadequate to run the ball, which has an affect on the passing game. AJ Trump will be an upgrade!!! 2. Middle Line Backer Position: This will truly be an upgrade from last year. Teams were able to run against the defensive due to the weakness at this position to make plays. Sean Spence will be the smarter candidate for this position. He is a hitter and hitters bring fear to their opponents. 3. Safety Position: If VT can stay healthy and bring that toughness to stop the run in addition to making big hits, Miami defense will be the best defense in the ACC and in the top 10 national. Make note of this and let me know how it all shakes out in the end.
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