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Hey Joseph! Remember how the Lakers easily beat the Celtics in the finals 2 years ago? Cuz I don't :) Hmm, what do you remember from that series. I remember LA blowing a 24-point lead, getting manhandled by a bench player (Leon Powe), and getting absolutely destroyed in the final game. The MVP of the league couldn't do anything to stop Paul Pierce. Also reminding you that the core of those 2 groups has remained the same for the last 2 year. In the last 2 games against LA, Boston won one, and lost the other by a lucky shot so what im trying to say is...STFU
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I don't judge. If you get turned on by big sweaty men, that's your business, but please keep it in the bedroom. I do not need to hear about your gay fantasies. You don't see me talking about sex, so please also refrain.
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