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Isaac, I realize that Torres has been out of camp b/c of Pachuca, but I still don't see why he is not the first choice next to a Bradley or defensive mid? Wynne will never be a prospect, speed is great, but when your crosses are as horrific as his and you have a soccer IQ of 5...well, you can't teach develop that in time for a world cup in our lifetimes. I'm just sick of Bob Bradley giving opportunities to players that we should be past using at this point. I believe some players deserve a second chance, but a third, fourth and fifth look when others are more qualified, is frustrating to watch. I just want the best players to go to SA and not only the one's that have been in the system for a while(i.e. Ching, Casey, Beasley,kljestan,)
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on Feilhaber suffers ankle injury at Soccer By Ives
BTW does anyone know if Gringo Torres has a web presence of any sort? Twitter, facebook, etc... I would love to send him some support and show him what people think of him on this board. I imagine him down in Mexico waiting by his phone wondering why some of the skill-less wonders of the MLS(M. Wynne to name one) are getting call ups when he is so much more worthy. I know there are greater causes in the world, but it could help inspire him. I mean I don't hate Adu or anything, but the guy has like a million people blo**** him on twitter and it obviously has kept his head up. Torres needs a few Gringos to show the love or Gringettes;)
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2010 on Feilhaber suffers ankle injury at Soccer By Ives
Please, please, Please, let Bob see the latin light and put Torres in as our creative midfielder with either his son or another enforcer. Forget Adu, Rogers, Holden, Beasley, for now and realize folks, Torres is the only guy that we have had on our team that can play the role of a John O'brien or Claudia Reyna...we absolutely need him in SA. Do you think that every player on the field must be a defensive force? Look at some of the top teams of the world, and you will see that most of them have a creative midfielder whose primary role is to calm the rest of the team down and pace the attack. Yes, it would be advantageous if this person was also monster on defense, but Torres isn't exactly a pu**y in that regar, he's decent at D. I like Benny, Beas, Clark, Edu, Rogers, Holden, but Torres is the guy I would put on my team sheet for SA in the midfield after Michael Bradley. Don't even get me started on Klestjan or some of the other randoms getting a shot during the January camp...if they make the team I'm ready to straight up call racism on Bob Bradley;) I am a Greek American and not from Mexico, but I have a love for the country of Mexico and the soccer that is played there, much more skilled than the MLS. Gringo Torres has made the decision to play for the United States and that was not an easy choice, I will be very sad if he is not rewarded for his bravery. Ok, I'm off to drink some Ouzo and eat feta cheese like a good Greek!
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2010 on Feilhaber suffers ankle injury at Soccer By Ives
Hi, I just want to offer some recent perspective on travel to DF...don't listen to all the generalizing fear mongers. Mexico city like any other major city in the world has it dangers, however if one keeps to the same common sense they would use in any other city, most likely only a random act of violence will deter you from enjoying an amazing time. I just spent a few weeks in July based out of La Condesa(fancy, but affordable part of city) and I found the people to be extremely friendly and welcoming. I would recommend not getting wasted out at bars(this leaves you vulnerable), use "official taxis" only, stick to your less "flashy" cltohes/jewelery, and then just enjoy an f***** amazing futbol experience:) I'm an American with Mexican girlfriend(another reason to visit, gorgeous women) and I live in Mexico part of the year and I'd just like to encourage this forum to try and keep the "racist" generalizations away from our passionate support of USA soccer. It would be great if Ives had someone to monitor these comments, passion is one thing, but allowing ignorant/racist and ethnocentric views to taint the beautiful game is a shame. I hope that others that follow Ives site, will try and speak out against those who ruin an otherwise excellent venue for fĂștbol fanatics. Getting back to the game, I have a huge bet with my Mexican girlfriend, so the boys better step up to the opportunity to prove the confed cup wasn't a fluke! I hope Bradley has the cojones to play "gringo torres" in the midfield and starts the Altidore/Davies duo up front. Finally, if anyone knows what channel to watch here in Portland, Oregon, that would be great! 3-1 USA:)