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Guys we lost because Wade was out and we couldnt manufacure any good loos with Besaley at PF and facing nba doubleteams in a pressure situatoin tonight ewas a win because it shows we can be up 10 on a squad like thunder without wade so we'll be up 20 with him and if we're in a tight game this year agianst goodo teams itll be wade manufacturing and if they double him at midcourt Beasley is too good and will kill them in a 4-on-3 situation easier than he did the 5-on-5 situation he saw thru the first 3 quarters he guarded durant and did very well. GAME, SET, MATCH Posted by: BillyDAkid WADEforMVP2009 | October 14, 2009 at 09:49 PM ------------------- Dude, I like reading this board very much. It's the best entertainment around when you want to kill time on the web. Well, I guess Hulu has you beat, but you get my point. Anyways, I've always just considered having to listen to your homerism as part of the cost for the entertainment other posters provide. But lately the cost has simply gotten TOOOO HIGH. Every day now as i read I close my eyes as i'm scrolling higher on the blog, hoping that i do not see the words billykidwade! It is getting rather annoying. Can you please just budle your posts together so i can easily skip them? As is, it feels like i'm walking through a mine field, at any point i can trip over one of your homerism posts. You can of course change this, if you change what you type. Have at least a little objectivity in your post and stop repeating yourself over and over. Here is some REALITY for you: 1) The Heat are NOT going to be a good team. This is a CERTAINTY! At best you can hope for mediocrity. 2) At best the Heat will make the playoffs and lose in the first round. They will NEVER make it past the 1st round, and i consider it on the same level as a fly bursting into a mega-atomic-weapon and destroying half the world, for the Heat to possibly win and get past the 2nd round. 3) Beasley is a talent not a finished product. He has the talent to be a top 20 player in the NBA, he is NOT SO thus far! Not even close. Stop pretending he is. 4) There is a chance that Wade leaves next year because the Heat are currently wasting his prime. He is what, 27-28 years old? This is when players fall off a cliff in regards to athleticism. Wade is running out of time unless he morphs his game like Jordan did before him and Kobe is currently doing. Instead of driving to the hole, his new game must change to post up, mid-range, manipulating players on the floor, etc That's all. Please do not take offense to my post. Most of it was in fun, but definetely TRUE.
I was reading some posts from yesterday's blog and came across this piece: ------------- The point I'm trying to make is that you have men and women come here from all around the world and try to gain our acknowledgment and our respect. And they do that by discarding their ways of life and trying to conform to ours. It makes it really hard for me to respect them if they're so self loathing and have so little self respect or nationalism that they'd go so far out of their way to show that they're one of us. But to be fair, you don't see that in first generation immigrants. Mostly the second generation kids. Posted by: Chris | October 07, 2009 at 07:19 PM ------------- This is some seriously misguided thought. This is exactly how fascists think and believe. It is NEVER about the individual, but rather about the "mother country" or the "homeland." Look, people are all individuals. Everyone should be free to do what they believe is right as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. This idea that people need to conform is straight out of big government socialism. Whether that socialism be the communist type or the national socialist type (NAZI).
The natural progression of the Homer. Well, the Homer starts the offseason on the highest of hopes. He believes that the impossible will come to pass, and will favor his side every time! The over the hill center will play like an all-nba player, the 2nd year kid will become the next Jordan, a sub-par rookie PG will turn into Isiah Thomas, and their coach will mature into a 1980's Pat Riley. As the season comes closer and the homer actually witnisses some games, they turn sour. What?!?! The over the hill center did not find the magic powder cure to the disease of old? What, the 2nd year 2nd pick in the draft did not turn into Carmelo? Yet still they have hope, as this is just pre-season. Perhaps the 2nd year hope will eventually turn into Carmelo Anthony, perhaps the rookie PG now turned 2nd year will not be Isiah, but perhaps they can turn into Devon Harris? Once the season begins in earnest, the Homer will turn sour and turn sour fast. They will see that nothing has really changed, and doom and gloom will rule the day. "It is all over, we suck, give me a paper bag," etc. When this roller coaster of emotions is not even necessary. Look folks, if you have the same ingredients, you're going to get basically the same product. The Heat last year were a mediocre team. There were no major changes. The ingredients stayed the same. Now what's going to happen? You are going to get the same mediocre team. FACE IT! There was no magic fairy dust for JO's knees and his game, he is still over the hill, and he will never again even approach the level he was playing in 2004. Beasly is pretty good on offense. Unlike what most people here, who obviously overestimate by a large margin, may say, Beasly is no Carmelo Anthony. In fact, he is not even close and will probably never get to Melo's level. He looks to be an OK player when you take into account both offense and defense. Wade will be Wade, but without help, he cannot do it alone, and must get ready for the Heat to waste ANOTHER one of his prime years. Get ready for another blah record and a first round exit. Until the front office shows that it wants to spend money on some talent, that's all you fans are going to get.
Mentally challenged retards love to cherry pick posts, they pay attention to stupid, insignificant details. That's what they do. After that, they are exhausted for days. Too much work for one remaining neurone. Posted by: Slledge | October 02, 2009 at 05:26 PM --------------------- AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH...classic...that's why i've always thought sledge was the best poster on this board. Now he is making a comeback! Keep them coming please.
"Slledge was offered a job and he refused! I will you keep you posted. Posted by: Bum | October 01, 2009 at 03:00 PM" Bum huh, adecuate new alias for one of the regularly mentally challenged homer-kiddos with previous unsuccesful lobotomies here, hoplessly trapped in them clerical 9to5 cubibles with pathetic pay. Temporary, Voluntary under-employment. That's where it's at. Wrap whatever scarce brain cell you were born with around that, then we won't talk. Posted by: Slledge | October 01, 2009 at 03:27 PM ------------ Dear sledge, You used to be my favorite poster because you were damn funny. You used to entertain me endlessly by making fun of others and getting under their skin. Now you've been reduced to name calling for the past week, allowing other people to get under you is a SAD day for Kaveh, sad indeed. I may quit coming to this blog at all if you continue your unfunny streak. Shape up or i'm out of here, and that's a seroius threat!
I find this whole topic of Refs to be RIDICULOUS. The reason why basketball is not my favorite sport to watch is due to the refs. I would rather throw them all out on the street and start fresh. The refs for the NBA absolute S-U-C-K big time. Tell me, Wade/Lebron get the ball --oh, and don't think i'm singling those two out, take Tony Parker or Billups or whoever knows how to manipulate the refs --they drive the ball, run into the defense ON PURPOSE, and unless the defense is standing straight up without moving, right in front of them, they get a foul called. How ridiculous is this? How is someone supposed to play D, if they get fouls called every single play when the offensive player runs into THEM? It is a horrible system. I'd rather watch soccer or football than the NBA because the refs simply decide too much of the game. The most recent example comes from game 4 of the NBA finals. Up until the 4th quarter, the free throws were about even. Then, during the 4th and overtime, the Magic had the opportunity to shoot 18 free throws. The lakers did not get a foul called in their favor until there was 1 minute to go in the 4th quarter. They did not shoot ANY free throws for the entire 4th and overtime, until Peatrius got a flagrant foul called against him for his double fore-armed attack against Pau Gasol with 2 seconds remaining in overtime, with the Lakers leading by 8 points. Sure the Lakers still won, but they got lucky to win game 4. It took 2 missed free throws by Howard with 10 seconds left, and the 3 by fisher with 1 second left to take the game into overtime. Now, this brings on a funny question. The Lakers were leading the series 2-1 at the time. Did the refs do this on purpose so the series would take longer and the NBA/ABC/teams would make more money? I can't believe that 18 free throws to 0 in the 4th and overtime was just a coincidence of bad reffing.
Joe Johnson an wade would be a hell of a back court. Not sure y ppl dont think he can play sf. Its not like he hasnt done it, Joe has been at pg,sg, and sf. Dude is just that versatile. Posted by: kbboy80 | September 29, 2009 at 07:05 PM ------------------ I don't think you heat fans understand what it is exactly that you are missing here. 1) Team concept The current Miami Heat TEAM is not really a team. It is not like a finely tuned engine with thousands of different parts working together in harmony to create power. It is a collection of individual parts. The current team just doesn't FIT together. 2) What this group of individual parts is missing is an INSIDE PRESENCE. Whether that inside presence is for defense, offense, passing or whatever, the Heat are missing it. And along with that inside presence, the heat are missing toughness. 3) A plan. The heat don't seem to have a concrete PLAN. They have the hope of 2010 FA, but nothing about 2010 FA is set in stone. It seems like the Heat are like, we don't really know what we are going to do or what the plan is. We know that there is great potential in the FA class of 2010. So we'll just see what happens. For these reasons, I think the Heat are much further away that you think from contending for a championship. Just getting a Lebron with Wade WILL NOT do it! If you guys get Lebron in 2010, that would still not make you favorites for the championship. Why? Because you guys would still be a collection of PARTS instead of a team organized around an idea/plan. Did you guys see the 2004 Olympic team? That was a group of individual parts and not a team. Thats why even though they had the top 12 players in all of the Olympics playing on the same team, they still did not WIN. There is more to basketball than simply getting the best 5 guys on the court. You must gel into a cohesive unit and work like a finely tuned engine. The Heat are really far away from that, and Joe Johnson would not help.
Wow, a truly GREAT post, albeit off-topic, by doctorb: -------------------- and he is the first USA president to go overseas to the olympic commitee to vie for his hometown to get an olympics....Great priority. Posted by: doctorb | September 29, 2009 at 12:42 PM It's for the USA to get the games. lol, c'mon Doc. Posted by: The Watcher | September 29, 2009 at 12:48 PM ============ OPk,,,"the usa". That wasnt my point at all. My point is that there are far more important priorities NOW, like the fact he hasnt spoken to the general since 7 months ago,,, in afganistan who needs troops... -and his idea that the governement will "force" you, as an individual to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. Governement is too big as it is now. Now the government wants to force New yorkers to take a vaccine "or else"? These vaccines have dangers to them as well, and dont always work. what happened to the right of liberty? Posted by: doctorb | September 29, 2009 at 03:08 P ----------------------- There is no such thing as LIBERTY when the state gets this large. The problem is that most people see nothing wrong with the state FORCING people to do anything. It is no longer by the people, of the people. It is I'm (state) your parent and I tell you (individual) what to do! And there really is ZERO difference between the Republicans/Democrats. They are all the EXACT SAME. They all love big government. Have you seen any difference during the Bush/Clinton/Obama reigns? These people are all one and the SAME. They want to continually increase the power of the state at the expense of the freedoms we all enjoy. Remember that places like Rome were once a Republic before they turned into a tyranny. Nazi Germany was also once free. Don't think that it could never happen to the USA.
hotleo, c'mon man~ You wrote: -------- so shannon brown, jordon farmer, derek fisher, Mbenga, Adam Morrison, Lamar Odom, Josh Powell, Sasha Vujacic, and Luke Walton are all corner stones to building a championship team, thank you keven Posted by: hotleo20 | September 27, 2009 at 08:09 PM ------------------- Let's get something straight, Mbenga, Powell, Adam Morrison and Vujachic did not contribute to the Lakers during the playoffs. They played garbage time and or emergency time due to foul trouble and such. So, the rest of your list is: Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Farmar, Fisher, Walton. I must say that i am absolutely AMAZED that you would put Lamar Odom on this list. As if he is not good enough to be on a championship team? Didn't the guy who you love and care for, Pat Riley, not to mention your best player, Dwayne Wade, beg, and i mean BEG for Odom to come over to the Heat? They got on their hands and knees for a reason -YES, LAMAR ODOM IS SOMEONE WHO YOU BUILD A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM WITH!. Let's get this straight, Odom would be the 2nd best player on the Heat, and the competition would not even be CLOSE. Lamar Odom is FAR better than Beasly and it's not even CLOSE. Now, onto the rest of the list which you MAY have a point. Shannon Brown, Farmar and Fisher --these three play the exact same position, PG. So their playing time wasn't excessive. It is a weak position on the Lakers, the weakest we have. So, know, you wouldn't really want to build a championship team with these 3 playing PG for you, but no team is perfect. And when it came down to crunch time, these players actually played. Shannon Brown was awesome. Fisher is a player that EVERY team needs. He is the old wily grandpa who is slower/fatter/weaker than the rest, but somehow gets it done. He is clutch, he is yearly the player who draws the most offensive fouls, he is a player who gets it DONE. And the same with Walton. Walton is the absolute perfect fit within the Laker's triangle offense. If you understand basketball, you know that Walton fits in with the Lakers. So to answer your question, yes Lamar Odom is a player you want on a championship team, the rest you mentioned don't get any playing time, except Fisher/Brown/Farmar who all play 1 position, PG, and they fit with the lakers, and a backup 3 in Luke Walton who is a perfect fit with the lakers. Basically, when building a TEAM, you need a TEAM, not a bunch of individual parts. Players like Fisher/Walton/Brown may not be great on their own, but they fit in with the TEAM concept that the lakers went for. The Heat on the other hand have no concept of team i can see. They seem to be a bunch of different parts attempting to fit together. Some of their parts are really good (or at least 1 of their parts) in Wade, and others have some potential (beasly), but the rest plain SUCK and don't FIT.
The mistake MOST fans of ANY team make, homerism! During the offseason. They assume that luck will ALWAYS be on their side, that everthing will always go their way and nothing will go against them. They assume that everone on the team improves and no one regresses. They assume the best possible scenerio for each player, ie, Beasly matures and has the same increase in productivity that Wade/LBJ/Carmelo had between the first and second season, Jermaine O'neal returns to an all-star due to magic trainer and fairy godmother, Tim something, Chalmers is all NBA, etc. Then once the season begins and reality sets to kick in, the "throw in the towl" and panic reigns supreme. What, we are .500? Wade is leaving, Beasly is a druggie, Haslem will demand a trade, etc. An emotional roller coaster. When the reality of the matter is all too simple: if you have garbage, you'll still have it next year unless you make some changes. If you have a mediocre team, your team will stay mediocre unless there are some serious additions. No, magic and fairy godmothers will not appear to make everything right. Common sense prevails, and you'll get what rational people THOUGHT you would get during the offseason. The Heat were an average team which was beat in the 1st round of the playoffs last year. They have made ZERO changes, basically. Other teams in the division have gotten even better. What is the result? The Heat will be an average to below average team next year. You will lose another prime year from Wade (read: waste). Why? You have 1 championship player on your team. That is, if you were going to build a championship team (realistically), only 1 player from the Heat would play on that championship team. The jury is out on Beasly -maybe. He is no shoe in. Other than that, the rest of your team should be let go, if you're building a championship team. No other player on the current Heat team, can possibly PLAY on a championshpi team. No amount of mental gymnastics will alter that reality. JO is old and lost. Chalmers is not even a BACKUP PG on a championship team. Haslem/Anthony/etc, will not help a championship team. That is where you are at. Forget about next year, it is unimportant. What is important is if Wade stays or leaves. Can you imagine what would happen if Wade left? No chance at a title for...well, for who knows how long. Could be 5 years or could be 50 years. After Wade, then comes rebuilding a team. No one but Wade and possibly Beasly should be on the rebuilt team, if it is a championship you want.
Somethings you guys NEED to realize regarding JO: 1) He has been in DECLINE for 5 years now, in continuous motion. Here are his PER numbers for the last 5 years: 04-05: 22.9 05-06: 20.4 06-07: 18.8 07-08: 14.4 08-09: 15.4 This is not a case of JO playing at a high level 1 year, and then the next year falling drastically due to injury, and then the next year rising again to pre-injury levels. This is a guy who is falling EVERY YEAR for 5 YEARS RUNNING! A 15 PER is an AVERAGE NBA player. For anyone to think that this guy can raise his game to where it was 5 years ago, it is not going to happen. It is a DREAM! 2) JO has NEVER, and I mean, NEVER been a great talent. He has always been a VOLUME shooter. He is incredibly inefficient. For him to get his 20 ppg, he needs 20+ shot attempts, which he is never going to get with Wade. Here are JO's eFG% numbers since 2002 so I included his "great" years: 02-03: 48.7% 03-04: 43.5% 04-05: 45.3% 05-06: 47.4% 06-07: 43.6% 07-08: 43.9% 08-09: 47.4% By comparison, here is Pau Gasol: 02-03: 51% 03-04: 48.4% 04-05: 51.4% 05-06: 50.4% 06-07: 54% 07-08: 58.9% (w Lakers) 08-09: 56.7% And Pau Gasol is JUST coming into his PRIME. Look at the difference between a truly ELITE player and an average player who gets a lot of shot attempts, like JO. 3) JO has never really been a great rebounder or defender. He has been "ok" at both. His rebounding, something we can measure accurately (unlike defense), again, has been on decline for over 5 years now. Here are the numbers: per game 03-04: 10 04-05: 8.8 05-06: 9.3 06-07: 9.6 07-08: 6.7 08-09: 6.4 Again, we see fall from over 5 years, although a big drop did come between 06-07 and 07-08. The best measure we have no defense is Drtg which is defensive rating or how many points opponents score per 100 possessions. Again, we see a drop over a long period of time, here 6 years: Remember that a LOWER number is BETTER: 03-04: 93 04-05: 101 05-06: 99 06-07: 101 07-08: 105 08-09: 107 His 93 number which is great, came when playing on a great team defense, who had the defensive player of the year in Artest at the time. But since then we see a precipitous drop yearly. The truth about JO is that what skill he did have, was always based on his athleticism. He never was an incredible talent, to pay this level of talent $20+ million per year was NEVER a fair wage! This guy was based on athleticism, what game he had depended on it, and that has fallen off a cliff, as has his career. He was never that good, but his decline is based on AGE. When you see such a consistant 5-6 year TREND in an athlete, you don't think that magic (new trainer) is going to hit and all of a sudden a clear 5-6 year trend reverses. Not only reverses, but all of a sudden jumps back to where it was 6 years ago (impossible). IT IS O-V-E-R FOR JERMAINE O'NEAL! The sooner Heat fans realize this, the sooner you can move on and get something DECENT for Wade to play with on the inside.
lol. The first post from hotleo i agree with, and was actually ENTERTAINED by: ------- Pau Gasol, David West, and Chris Bosh all made the all star game as so called finesse power forwards, if we didn't like beasley's game why did we draft him? are we in the business of turning prostitutes into housewives? Posted by: hotleo20 | September 23, 2009 at 02:30 PM -------------- Beasly is not Artest or a prime Ben Wallace. He is what he is, take it or leave it. I don't, however, believe that Beasly can be a #2 on a championship team, unless he can become as good as Gasol. He is no where near that level now, and I sincerely doubt he will ever get there. But, people have proven me wrong before. PS: he has to become as "tough" as Gasol as well. Gasol was not punching anyone in their face last year, but if any of you actually watched the Lakers win the championship last year, you will know that Gasol provide some much needed interior defense inside. His DEFENSE was the difference.
I usually ignore these type of posts, but since I have seen this tactic in particular USED over and over, i'll respond to it. Here is Josh: ------- You spelled Beasley's name incorrectly four times, two different ways, in that paragraph. So to comment as the objective voice of reason on a player that you clearly don't know a thing about is, well, disingenuous. You also had some trouble with "criticize" and "irrelevant", but I guess that's less pertinent to the Heat and more an indication of your general competence (or lack thereof). Posted by: josh | September 21, 2009 at 10:59 PM ------------------- 1) Knowing how to spell a NAME is not indicative of ANYTHING, except, not knowing how to spell an individual's NAME. 2) And this is the important one, spelling or even grammar, have absolutely NOTHING to do with intelligence or the validity of arguments. Intelligent people work in IDEAS, dummies who have nothing else to fall back on attempt to utilize technicalities. Can you imagine Von Hayek and Keynes, in one of the best arguments of the ages, debating the merits of monetary policy, until Keynes stands up and says: "hey, dude, i just realized that you mis-spelled the word "golde," there is no e on the end, I win, fiat money is the way to go." Of course not, it is idiotic to think so. 3) There are 2 type of individuals who attempt to use the tactic you are using. The first type are the really dumb ones who actually believe that spelling/grammar is a measure of intelligence. They copy and past messages, on BLOGS NO LESS, into word documents which have built in spell checks, and find the errors. They then put their large intelligence on display, or so they think, by showing the world that they found the mistakes. The second type is not as stupid, but still less than average intelligence. This man understands that spelling, um, especially on blogs, has nothing to do with intelligence. However, he thinks that other people make the mistake of believing that it does relate to intelligence. Thus, in order to fool other people into believing that he is smarter than the average bear, this second type uses copy and paste + word document spell check to find errors in spelling, and then displays his massive genious by showing everyone the errors. Either way it is pathetic man. I hope you are the second one, but i'm not sure. Maybe you're just not mature enough yet to understand? I can see a child using this exact same tactic, while not being stupid or of below average intelligence. In either event, time is better used, don't you think? Spend some time and come up with more advanced arguments or tactics.
Hahahaha, here is hotleo: ---------------- this is a heat blog we all are homers, we love our team and want the best for it, i just don't appreciate a laker fan coming on here telling us how to root for our team. he needs to stay with the lakers fans. Posted by: hotleo20 | September 21, 2009 at 10:14 PM ----------------- Wow, you just ADMITTED to being an irrational homer. And the funniest part is, that you find this so natural, you cannot see any heat fans NOT being irrational homers, lol. Look hotleo, yes, people can look at a situation like reasonable adults, even sports fans. There are people who can stand to listen to reason. It is really children who close their ears/eyes and yell "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." But the most insane part of this is, that since the position of being an irrational homer is so natural to you, you think that EVERYONE around you is the exact same irrational homer. Don't you see how funny that is?
UGH, homers are the WORST!! Here is Chris in a recent pots: ---------- I-Win man, not trying to antagonize or anything but you're one dedicated troll. This blog wouldn't be the same without you and williams. Posted by: Chris | September 21, 2009 at 07:16 PM ------------------ Basically what Chris is saying is: How dare you critisize "our" #2 pick? It is not possible for a "heat fan" to critisize anything which is even remotely connected to the heat. If you do, then you are a "troll." If you critisize Beasely, or Pat Riley, or Riley's wife's cousin's dog's flee's decision making, then you are a troll. The easiest way to pick out a HOMER is 1) irrationality and 2) a refusal to see anything bad regarding your homer's team. dsky in a prior post (a week or so ago) showed the irrationality part quite well. His arguments on why Wade was better than Kobe were so flawed that HEAT FANS (who obviously thought Wade was better) were disagreeing with him. It is a true feat to get someone who AGREES with your overall point to argue with you because your logic is so flawed. Yes, dsky is a true HOMER and I doubt even he would disagree. The second instance is seen with Chris. Anyone who would DARE to critisize Beasly must be burned at the stake. Why? Because all of the homer's hopes are tied up in Beasely. If they admit that Beasly is no good or is not apart of the team to bring home a title, then their homer dreams are destroyed. Not to mention it brings huge doubts upon the heat franchise itself, because they used the #2 pick in the draft on this guy. Haslem is expendable and worthless, thus critisizing him is irrelavent. But someone as high as Beasly, well, that's just not allowed by the Homers.
Posted by: kaveh | September 16, 2009 at 11:26 PM kaveh, I've ageed with a lot of your post regarding the Heat. But, do you really think the Celtics are done? IMO, they were the best team in the East before KG went down. I'm no expert on PER, but don't you think playing with other players capable of producing would cause ones PER to go down? Guys don't have to carry as heavy a load with other guys on the team contributing. I think they've got one more run. They resigned Davis, added Daniels and Wallace, and still have Tony Allen and Eddie House on the bench. But, long term they're definitely in trouble and I expect them to be back in the lottery in 2-3 years. Posted by: JB | September 17, 2009 at 07:33 AM Hey JB. Well, i shouldn't sell the celtics too short. By "done" i mean that they will not win another championship. But they are definitely one of the "elite" teams, if you count the top 6 teams in the NBA as elite (Lakers, Spurs, Nuggets, Magic, Cavs, Celtics). I think that the Lakers/Magic/Cavs are the "true" elite, and each have much higher probability of winning it all then the second class of Celtics/Spurs/Nuggets. Regarding PER, what you say is correct. When your team becomes better your PER should fall because you do not have as many opportunties and other people carry the weight as you say. But, then the drop should have come in the 07-08 season as KG/Ray were traded to the Celtics. Paul Pierce's PER fell from 23 to 17 over 4 years, in a straight line. If you look at the drop, it is the same in 07-08 as it was a year before or a year after in 08-09. Last year in 08-09, Pierce's PER should have went UP by the same logic since KG was hurt, right? And yet it continued its drastic fall by dumping another 2 entire points! Also, KG's PER actually went slightly HIGHER in 07-08, the year that it "should" have gone lower due to the trade. However, from 07-08 to 08-09, KG's PEr fell by 4+ points. And this isn't including the injury, since he didn't play when he was injured, and that time is not reflected in his PER. I think Boston is a VERY good team, but with Pierce and KG falling off the cliff in production, they will not win it all next year. In fact, look for a 2nd round defeat.
A sad day, but there is a first for everything! Here is sledge, a person who is the most entertaining guy on the board, getting stuck in "analyzing" teams like the Celtics, and doing it WRONG WRONG WRONG. Sledge, stick to what you are GOOD at, and that's making fun of the other posters. This analysis is wrong, and it is deviod of any humor. C'mon man, you're losing it now: ------------------ And BTW, can't think of any team with a tougher paint game than Boston right now: Perkins: a TRUE center (unlike Jermaine O'Neil), improving every-year, a veritable presence down low. Add to that a healthy KG, no less. If that weren't enough, add Mr. Rasheed Wallace, no intruductions needed. Just for kicks, add Baby Davis, a future All-Star, mark my words, one of the most improved players last season. Boston is PACKED in the paint, with their patented defense. At the 3/4/5. Oh, I almost forgot, add a guy named Pierce who also Powers at the 4. Scary indeed, when you add Ray Allen, other shooters, Sire Rajon Rondo and their bench. Let's see what the Grandiose Heat Co-Captain Mr. Virtuoso Haslem can do against that Boston PowerHouse.. Posted by: Slledge | September 16, 2009 at 04:46 PM --------------------------- the truth is that the celtics will NOT be an elite team next year. They are DONE. Like the 2006 Heat, 1 and done. Why? Their stars have been declining for 4 years now. People are asking when age is going to creep up on the Celtics? It has already happened, and it is accelerating. Paul Pierce is DONE. His production has fallen off a cliff, and will continue into next year. Kevin Garnett is DONE, ditto like Pierce. Rasheed is an AARP member already, nothing more to give. Ray ray is the only grandpa celtic who is still producing near his all-star level, but even his production will fall next year. Here is Paul Pierce PER over the last 4 years: 05-06: 23.6 06=07: 21.7 07-08: 19.6 08-09: 17.7 Garnett's PER over the last 5 years: 04-05: 28.2 05-06: 26.8 06-07: 24.2 07-08: 25.3 08-09: 21.2 These guys have been decling and decling over the past few years. Sure you'll say that their PER's should have fallen in the 07-08 season because of the trade, but Pierce's has been falling continuosly and Garnett's actually went up a little in 08-09. Also, Pierce's PER should have went up this year because Garnett wasn't there, but his fell another 2 points! Look, next year they are both just going to GET WORSE. This is not even including Garnett's knee injury, at his age. An injury which is due to long term work and MAY be permanent. Yes, even without the injury, Garnett would decline more next year due to age. But because of the injury, this guy may fall off DRASTICALLY. Pierce, you saw the guy in the playoffs, he looked pedestrian. He wasn't even the best player on his team, without Garnett, not even the 2nd best player! Garnett/Pierce are DONE, OVER, CAPUT. And don't let me start with Sheed. Sheed is a BELOW average player now, a bench warmer. No, Celtics next year have no hope. Oh, they'll be MUCH better than the Heat, don't get me wrong, but not with the Magic/Cavs in the east.
What's better than playing your best NBA years along the likes of Chris Quinn, Yakouba Diawara, Joel Anthony, undersized power forwards, a broke down JO, getting snubbed for MVP, watching your peers' teams spend money to improve, and being told to sit and wait until you've wasted another year of your prime... Being told to shut up about it and not complain. Posted by: AL | September 15, 2009 at 02:35 PM ----------------- Finally this AL guy makes a good point! But here hotleo is still going at it, while not realizing the POINT: ---------------- the team canceled summer league, dumped their two draft picks in europe, coaching and scouting staff is taking 20% salary cuts, business and sales staff taking 20% salary cuts, lay offs in the operational side of the business, and we should feel sorry for wade who's job is to play basketball and earn 16 million dollars. Posted by: hotleo20 | September 15, 2009 at 03:32 PM -------------- The point is that Wade doesn't need you or the heat or the heat fans to feel sorry for him! It is Wade that you need to feel sorry for YOU, other Heat fans and the Heat organization, so he will re-sign here with the Heat. He holds the CARDS. He can go elsewhere, and there are a lot of takers. Just think if Wade signed with the Bulls, that would make Chicago instant championship contenders. Without Wade they were basically as good as the Celtics without Garnett. Wade is a bigger addition than Garnett/Wallace. Just think how good the Bulls would be with Wade signing on! The point is that Wade doesn't owe anything to any team ownership. He owes it to himself and his family to look out for his/their well being. First comes money, but he will make the Max wherever he goes. Second comes LEGACY, which he will not succeed at without championship RINGS. Yes, 3 or 4 of them. Kobe already has 4 and he will contend for the coming few years. How many will he end up with? 5 or 6? Wow. Jordan with 6! That's all time great company. Wade with 1 has no hope to be in the conversation at the end of his career. Wade with 3 is getting into the conversation.
For those of you who think that Wade could have won in 2006 without Shaq, you are CRAZY. Wade has never won without, he has NEVER MADE A DEEP PlAYOFF RUN without Shaq! And if you think that Shaq could have won without Kobe or Wade then you are crazy. Shaq proved that even with Anferne Hardaway, who at the time was considered an all-time top 50 talent. Yes, Shaq was playing equivalent to his prime since 1993! Yet he couldn't win one without playing with the likes of Kobe in 2000-2003, or without Wade in 2006. This nonesense is ridiculous. Jordan couldn't have won without Pippen, forget about Wade without Shaq. I mean you saw Wade play his best season last year, with Jermaine Oneal who used to be all-nba and Beasly who you all think is basically as good as Bosh, and yet he couldn't even get out of the 1st round of the playoffs. Quite deluding yourselfs into thinking otherwise. Winning the championship is extraordinarily DIFFICULT! It cannot be done alone. Kobe couldn't have won this year without Pau/Odom/Ariza/Fisher and the like.
Last year we went into the seasson with an unknoun quantity at four of the five possitions and twiked our roster into a 5 seed and the playoffs. We had a rookie PG, we had a malcontent SF, another Rookie at PF and a center by commitee that had Blount and Haslems 6' 8" arse at center. This seasson we have a question at SF. With a little twik by bettering any position we will improve at least a level. This team as it is have experienced BBallers at every position and although we could get better before the deadline, we will be compettitive with any team in the league. Don't doubt the Heat as they will prove you wrong, AGAIN. Posted by: just saying... | September 14, 2009 at 03:50 PM ------------------------- I mean the homerism on this board is quite F-U-N-N-Y. Let me point something out to you, the Heat last year lost in the 1st round of the playoffs, despite Wade having an all-nba type of year. Now, over the summer all the other teams which are championship contenders got MUCH stronger. The Heat on the other hand, have made ZERO moves, with O'Neal which is their only "inside presence" (if you can call him that) getting another year past his prime. Sorry, but Beasly does not have the toughness to be your inside presence, like Shaq did in 06, like Duncan did on the Spurs, like Garnett/Perkins in 08, Pau/Gasol/Odom in 09, etc. Basically, the Heat did nothing --how are you going to convince yourself that there is anything in store for the heat's future next year? They are waiting for 2010. Perhaps the wisest course of action for next year would be to tank the entire season and get another top draft pick (maybe #1 this time), and then after 2010 come back and try again. Basically, the Heat have ZERO chance of doing anything next year. No amount of homerism can possibly change that FACT. You have the dream of 2010, maybe you should look forward to that?
Eddie wrote: ------------------------ "and they want "something" for Wade before he leaves, right?" Completely different circumstance… you build a franchise around a player like Wade. You don’t trade LeBron. You don’t trade Kobe. You don’t trade Howard. You don’t trade Wade. They are once in a lifetime players. If I was a Raptors fan, I wouldn’t feel it was the end of the world to lose Bosh. He’s a complementary piece. The Raptors haven’t done anything since he’s been on the team. Also, Phoenix wanted “something” for Amare Stoudamire this season. Kerr knows he’s leaving town, just like Colangelo knows if his team starts losing, Bosh is gone. --------------------- Look, you are underestimating Bosh to the nth degree. Even if you are right, and Bosh isn't as good as advertised, he is still a max contract player. I agree, Bosh is not Wade or Kobe or Lebron. But he also is not as bad as you people make him out to be. I mean c'mon! Also, the truth is a little more complicated than you seem to realize. Max type players are the most UNDERVALUED players in the NBA. Read that again, because it is true. Why? Because they put a cap on max players salaries. In a free market, players would be worth all over the spectrum. Assume a Lebron James is really worth, if there were no regulations, $50m per year --yet he is capped at 16m or 20m. Thus the team is raking in a windfall, they are getting an incredible deal only paying 16-20m, when he is worth $50m. On the other hand average players are getting what they are worth. Let's say $5m. There are no regulations on him, so he is getting his fair price. So let's assume that Lebron/Wade/Kobe are worth $50m each, and Bosh is "only" worth $25m. Still giving him a max contract at $20m is a windfall for the team, a much better deal than paying a guy worth $5m, $5m. So Bosh will get a max contract, because yes, he is worth more than the max (or at least the same). Look at his numbers. Thus, teams will be falling all over themselves to sign him --it is pure economics. Thus, you do not TRADE away such deals. You do everything in their power to HOLD on to these type of players. And what is Toronto doing? They are spending money through the nose in an attempt to hold on to Bosh. Why did they sign Turk? They have put major money on the line in an attempt to hold Bosh. Why would they give up on that? Now compare that to Miami and Wade. Sure Wade is the better player, but Miami has done NOTHING to hold him. Nothing except the promise of 2010. Will that be enough to hold Wade? I think so, but i say it is 50/50 or 60/40. Although I would not blame him if he left for greener pastures. Eh, like Chicago. And Miami has not invested anything in keeping Wade. They have not gone out and spent huge $$ to sign players like Turk. Basically Toronto has done everything in their power to hold on to Bosh, who yes is a top 15 player in the league. You say that Toronto has not won with Bosh, well I could say the same thing about Miami and Wade. What about 2006 you'll say? Well, you guys got one of the most dominant players in NBA history and that's why you won 2006. Do you think that Toronto would not win if they had received such a beautiful gift as Shaq? Let's say they got Kobe or Lebron or Wade, of course they would win as well. But what has Wade/Miami done with Shaq? NOTHING. A first round exit this last year with Wade playing at all-nba level. But, does that mean you give up on Wade and trade him for peanuts? No, of course not. You invest in keeping Wade and putting the pieces around him to win a ring. PS: Miami with Wade/Bosh becomes instant contender for years to come.
when heat got shaq, Heat went from a low seed 42-40 scrappy team, to instant high seed contender, in an instant. When boston got garnett, it went from crap to champion, in an instant." I believe Boston was the first team in ~30+ years to win a ship right after a major overhaul. Miami took 2 years. thenpoin I'm trying to make is that a ship in 2011 is highly unlikely. but with a guy like Wade on our team, it's very possible. I mean, he had the NUMBER ONE playoff performance of all time in 06, according to espn. not wilt, Russell, MJ, magic, bird, or Kobe... DWYANE WADE!!! Posted by: dre77 | September 10, 2009 at 03:35 PM ----------- Unfortunately 1 time does not make a career. Jordan did it 6 times, Kobe 4 times so far...Wade will need more than "ESPN thought 1 year i was the best."
If Toronto falls short of expectations... it could be two trades.. Michael Beasley, Udonis Haslem, and Dorell Wright for Chris Bosh Quentin Richardson and their 1st round pick back for Hedo Turkoglu Posted by: eddieomaha | September 10, 2009 at 02:18 PM ----------------------- why not one major trade, of beasley , haslem, wright, QR, and first rounder...for bosh/turkoglu? Posted by: doctorb | September 10, 2009 at 02:24 PM ---------------- Conversation right at this minute on Toronto board by 2 homers: Homer 1: I can really sense a trade coming on. If the Heat are slipping next year into a mediocre team, I am sure that they will offer Dwayn Wade and Beasly for a trade to us. They want maximum cap room for 2010, and they want "something" for Wade before he leaves, right? Homer 2, "yes, we will trade a piece of gum and my used shoelace for Wade, but we will need to make a second trade for Beasly, perhaps some used dental floss? Oh yeah, and a first rounder.
eddiesomething wrote this: ------------- Is there really one move this offseason you feel Miami missed out on? I can honestly say there's not one move I wish Riley would have made this offseason. By February, we should be a major player in the trade market. In fact, if Toronto is sliding, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Turkoglu and Bosh package come this way. ------------------ Yeah, Toronto is going to send BOSH and TURK to you, lol...biggest dillusional homer comment i've heard so far today. Who are they trading those 2 for? Let me guess, a piece of gum and 1 shoelace for Bosh/Turk?
Hollywood J, c'mon now You wrote: --------- It is better to take the 2010 approach, if wade does not want to extend right now so what, it is in his best interest not too, and if for some reason wade becomes the a-hole of all time, and leaves the place that made him into what he is, drafted him, fans adore him here, well then.... --------------- First off, the Heat did not make Wade, genetics and hard work MADE WADE. Do you think that he wouldn't have become what he is if he was drafted by any other team in the league? So please cut out this "he owes us, we the victims" bit. The truth of the matter is that Wade must do what is best for WADE. I'm sorry, but he and his family come before the Heat fans, even including yourself. Money will not be an issue since it is pretty much even wherever he goes (max contract), so the thing Wade must look for is WHERE will his legacy be best looked after? Is Wade going to be a top 25 all time player? Will he break into the top 10, as Kobe has done? Well, it all depends on CHAMPIONSHIPS. He can secure a place in the top 25 with 1 or 2 rings, but to get into the top 10, he is going to need at MINIMUM 3, or better yet 4 or 5. He is right in the MIDDLE of his absolute PRIME. Physically he has peaked and will start to lose it, but if he works hard enough, skill wise he will improve and his game will morph. Just look at Jordan or Kobe. They both changed completely into their late 20's and into their 30's. Wade will need to do similar. But i digress. The most important thing is to get TEAMMATES which will allow him to win more rings. Right now his, during his prime, he is not even a championship contender. Can you imagive how horrible this must feel for Wade. Just think, for 2-3 years he has not been a contender now, in his PRIME. I would be absolutely infuriated if i was him. It is in his best interest to get to the place that will allow him to win the most championships, or at least be a contender. Every year he has to watch Kobe making it to the NBA finals, Lebron getting deep into the playoffs (although never winning), while he is bounced in the 1st round. Maybe Miami is the best place to win those rings. Or perhaps he has become distrustful of a team which has already wasted some of his prime years? Maybe he sees greener pastures? Can you blame him if he left in order to secure his legacy? Look around the NBA. The teams which are contenders, Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Cavs, Magic, are all above the salary cap and are paying luxury tax. Even the Spurs who never go above the tax finally bit the bullet this year and are paying through their nose. Is Miami a team which will sacrafice $$ to win rings? Will they pay the tax so Wade can win? If he doesn't think so, then he must move on to a team which will.