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Mitsubishi is best sold in Europe just thanks to big financial support in Holland and Norway ......... Without it, no sales. Fuel economy is good in the city, very bad outside. This is known, tested. Pretty funny is that the smallest country in Europe with 18 000 000 population is now full of SUVs ....... You have to see it. Better to test Mazda CX-5 diesel SUV in US. Ultraclean, very well sold in Japan with less clean DENOX systems than in US.
And what about gasoline nanoparticles particles? No traps? Will everybody ignore this problem? Smaller, more dangerous particles then from diesel exhaust are emited.
yoatmon: They are working on it. Easy with 48 V architucture. 48 V systems will be assembled soon in all ICE driven cars. Above written is very cheap option for non 48 V applications. With pre-heating, small supporting motor-alternator, electric turbo and de-Nox systém laying close to the exhaust I see no limits for exhaust gast improvements. Expensive for small cars but cost-realistic for mid-class and SUV/pick-ups.
1 - this funny team research a developes what Mazda already launched on Japanese, European and recently to US market. SKY-D does all what they want to achieve. There is one difference - Mazda did not ask for any money to develop this kind of clean diesel. And, parameters of mazda´s SKY-D under 2,2 volume are the same or better than Cummins´s planned 2,8. Cummins discovers the world !!!!!!!! (I am pretty sure that Cummins does not need any money for a research and developement, but why not to také if everybody takes???)
Just dreaming of ecoactivists(terrorists), EV fanatics and electrical lobbies (especially wind/photo). It cannot happen. Notice: Leader of this EU activity (Estonian) is former member of communist party of USSR. Then he was leading Estonia to split from USSR, now leading EU to EV catastrophe. Water melon is always green on surface and mostly red inside. That is EU today. USA is not far different, having its water melon as well.
AGorilla: No relevance, I know very well 1,7 Isuzu/Opel-GM engine. MY2002 (Euro 2) is non-common rail engine with 1200 bar max. inj. pressure. After this ebgine there are 3 upgrades - 1400 Euro 3 / 1800 Euro 4 and 2000 bar Euro 5 (200 Mpa). Totaly different engine. University of Michigan is either very poor organisation to buy Euro 5 engine or its scientists are very poor scientists. I do not know too much about "american" engines such 6,4 L is, but I know that last version of this engine uses very modern diesel common rail and it is very clean engine equipped with all the best what is available to get lowest possible emissions.
Reason for extending: no interest. Facts: they sold in UK in total 812 EV´s versus 1,2 mil. of "normal" vehicles. It is 0,00066 %. Elctromadness sits on ministry of transport very heavily. 465 EV´s delivered during 1st q., 265 during 2nd q., 3rd q. = 100. Even after massive campaign and massive financila support NOBODY wants EV´s - because they are useless. Mabe cheaper now, with extreme grant, but still useless. At cold conditions, from 130 kms suddenly 80 kms rest and clima in the cabine is very very cold. OK, so You can (in France) buy extra diesel heating - that is paradox - You again need fosil materia based fuel. It is just dreaming without much much much better batteries and there are some physical limits for chemical processes to go over.
mahonj: it is better to say CRASH in USA and recession in EUROPE. We will recover this year. Less taxes on C02 mean automatically higher purchases of diesels, C02 emissions are usually 20% below gasoline.
HarveyD: it is obvious that you DO NOT KNOW anything about diesels and Europe. Huge scrap incentives caused huge purchases of cheapest small cars with stupid small gasoline engines, 2010 will mean return above 50% because scrap incentices in Germany (most important EU market) had finished. On the other side, this stupid report has figure jsut for 01-2001 to 09-2009 - 3 months are missing !!! So simply You cannot compare full year 2008 with 3 Q of 2009.
mahonj, HarveyD: You know nothing about Europe. That is why Citroën offer 3 diesel engines for C3? 40% of C3 cars will be equipped by diesel engines, compared with Your funny hybrid average in US (3%). The gap is not closing and C3 in not enough small car. And customers in Spain, Italy, UK and France use their cars for long journeys, when gasoline is too thirsty. Even C1 (really small city car) is sold with 30% of diesels...
Will S - Proffesional study shows, that petrol cars in US emit similar numbers of particles like diesel cars. Some people were thinking that all particle come just from heavy trucks (available in US only) - so they measured days with heavy trucks and days without them and found very similar number of particles. You can read this study showing that cold gasoline engines and weared gasoline emit more particles than diesels here on this web.
frankbank: everything is relative - if clean diesel is relative term, what about "zero" emission" cars a called, now joking - EV, MEV, MIEV, HV, HEV, PHEV, UV, DUV, CUV, GUV, PUV, AV, IV, LV, SV, TV and even much more categorries... (-:
The Goracle: Do You think that all staff will understand? DiHydrogen Monoxide... Very funny... Very dangerous chemical substance... (-:
Will S. Hi Will, what about to use more Your brain and less info on internet???
Bernard, you speak relatively reasonable way, but please - do not compare any place like Paris with any other place, for instance Chicago. |There are totally different atmospheric conditions, different winds, rains and other kinds of influences changing pollutant levels. I have never been to USA, but I have been to Paris, London, Fraakfurt, Barcelona, Milan, Vienna, Nürnberg, Munich and many others. I live in Prague, Czech Republic (Central Europe). I know what is smoke situation from seventies. Now I do not see any smoke above any mentioned city. And, if You speak about clean air in USA, you are incorrect. 90% of particles come not from exhausts, but from tyres, everybody knows it. You have similar tyres in USA or worse because You run your funny "trucks" in USA so You are wearing much more of particles in Your clean cities than we with our smaller cars. Another thing - study of some US organisation says that weared and cold big gasoline engines product the same or even bigger quantity of particles than diesel engines. The study was displayed here, on this web and compared days with heavy trucks running and without heavy trucks running - the amount of particles was very similar - they were produced by GASOLINE, not diesel cars. Simply, you have no diesel history or history with funny diesel 12 cyllinders so everybody thinks in US that diesels are dirty. It is not truth anymore, especially under €4 and €5. I will tel You the story - some Dutch scientists locked some people in the room with running diesel car, after 20 minutes these people were in bad condition. The result was - diesels are bad. BUT NOBODY TESTED THOSE PEOPLE LOCKED 20 MINUTES IN A ROOM WITH RUNNING GASOLINE CAR. I am very sorry, but You think in US very similar way. Do not forget please that we do not buy diesels just for low consumption. Two liter has the same or similar performance like gasoline 4 liter but the consumption is much better. And CO2 production is 2x to 3x better.
Stan Peterson: Stan, please be so so so so kind and visit me and show me our dirty cities in Europe, where cities are absolutelly the same dirty as American cities are, maybe cleaner. Please please please teach me and show me, it will be very kind of You !!! Ooooh, your such a funny American rumours about Europe !!! And, Stan, did You know that we live in Europe in the trees? And, because we live in the trees, we cannot use diesels so we have clean cities, cleaner that You, clever Americans causing and sharing to the rest of globe financial crisis? Wake up, boy! You are not the cleverest people in the world! A lot of clever people in all regions of the world found their own clever solutions for a lot of things and issues... Wake up.
danm: it is funny to see how big is for You, Americans, diesel nightmare/horror/thriller. You have been trying to find out all possible and impossible ways including very expensive ways how NOT to launch diesels in US. We spared since seventies billions tons of fuel in Europe thanks to diesels. Now we have even silent and powerfull diesels polluting minimum of particles and other pullutants. I have personally 2 diesels - Ford Mondeo wagon 2,0 TDCi with 140 bhp, 330 Nm (240 lb-ft) with 35% consumption less than petrols (38,0 mpg US) and for my family small SUV Nissan Qashqai 1,5 dCi 115 bhp, 160 lb-ft, 40,0 mpg US. My face is smiling when I see how EPA agency does all possible and impossible agains diesel. The result is: crazy "clean diesel" 6,7 l for Fords in US. We need in Europe for the same performance Jaguar´s 3,0 TDV6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy shiny petrol (gasoline) peole in US (-: (-: (-: New engine used in Dodge Caliber is OM651 Mercedes Benz with Delphi common rail injection system. PARADOX: Delphi, US company, diesel injection is now product Number 1 at Delphi Corp. Delphi survived just thanks to diesel injection systems. Americans can help to American company but they will rather support Japaneses (-: (-: (-: which are very active and better than US companies with gasoline engines...