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That's what I'm talking about. Ira stated today in Ask Ira that the problem with making those deals is that if Wade leaves we'd have no capspace to sign another max guy. Here's a hint.... if Wade's not here Bosh, Lebron, or Amare aren't going to take $30 million less to play with a Heat team that will have less talent than the Raptors, Cavs, or Suns. There's risk either way, but by going through trades you minimize the risk. Get Wallace, get Okafor and Chandler, get a young PG, and get some veteran help on the bench. It can be done with keeping Wade; Beasley; Chalmers; Cook; and, if it makes Wade happy, keeping Haslem. Hell, you could bring in enough studs to start and Beasley, Chalmers, and Cook would be the start of the bench. The team would be stacked for 10 years. Posted by: JB | September 10, 2009 at 07:47 AM ------------------------- hey jb, doesnt it fu**ing suck talkin about this crap, always a controversy with the heat, it pisses me off. tell me riley didnt kill us over odom butler n wade combination, here crap about how we got a ring with shaq.. so what, we wouldnt be talkin about all the possibilities right now if he would have not been a retard, n still probably had a ring or two with that combination, most importantly if no ring, always a contender.. point im trying to make is that i feel the way you feel about making a move, but damn it's stressfull.
I'm beginning to like the proposed additions of okafor and g.Wallace. both might be had for expirings, picks and filler. those two are solid and play defense. seems like adding B-list players is the way to go, versus giving most of the payroll to two stars. however, if we went over the cap and added another star, plus a second tier player(s), that would put us in contention immediately. Wade has that killer instinct I've only seen in MJ. please get him some help, or say good bye. and if he says bye, I'm doing a swan dive off my 2nd story balcony. Posted by: dre77 | September 10, 2009 at 10:39 AM im diving with you!!!!
Even Bill Wennington and BJ Armstrong look great when paired with hall of famers. Hall of famers turn the Dorell Wrights of the world into world beaters. Just ask Haslem when he was paired with Shaq and Wade. HMMM..I wonder why his level of play has slipped so much? Posted by: JGtruth why do morons talk before finding out fact,, watch basketball and then talk.. 2005-06 haslem avg. 9.3 ppg and 7.8 rpg while playing with shaq and wade.. nothing slipped for haslem even while playing out of position.. last season, the 09 season, 10.4 ppg while shooting 51.8% also 8.1 rpg.. all better than the championship year, ooo and while playing out of position.. year before that. the 08 season, 12.0 ppg and 9 rpg.. and that was a year shaq was trated and wade missed half the season.. dont assume its not good for you.. know things first then talk.. haslem the heard and soul of the miami heat..