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chris m.
Upstate New York
Retired Master Gardener
Interests: gardening
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Good to have names of other violets worth having. Thanks, jeff z.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2011 on The Second Best Time of Year at Garden Rant
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You're right, right now everything looks fresh & green and peaceful. We have a lush carpet of Lilies of the valley surrounding an old maple that looked good even before blooming. I did almost nothing to deserve this, except weeding/feeding, which may be why I'm enjoying it so. The Lilacs have come, and gone. I cut several bouquets which I had for about 30 hours but the glorious scent makes it worthwhile. Yes, the little violets are terrific, I leave mine in and even pick them for little pots. I have the white stripped one which I think is called 'Freckles'; this is pretty, too. Heck at this time of the year even the Dandelions look good!
Toggle Commented May 11, 2011 on The Second Best Time of Year at Garden Rant
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I want to ask a simple questions: how can I return to Garden Rant to see the latest entry? I have bookedmarked it but of course I only get the page I bookmarked. There must be a trick I don't know...actually there are probably many tricks I don't know! Thanks, I love and recommend your rant to everyone!
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I think sedums are your best bet...we have sedum acre growing through blacktop at the edge of a country road...plenty of snow & salt. Also good would be the indistructible Liriope, or a patch of mondo grass. The stones look great.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2009 on Where did the Thyme Go? at Garden Rant
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