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Pat Garcia
Being an American living in Europe is interesting. It was one of my dreams, and I am happy to be living it. I am a writer and singer from the heart and enjoy losing myself in my music or my writing. Living in Germany, I speak German fluently, am very good at writing and reading in the language. I am presently learning how to speak Italian, which is also helping me to recall the French language that I learned at the university. I am a voracious reader of books written in English, German, and Italian, regardless of whether the books are fiction or non fiction.
Interests: Reading, writing, singing, learning new technology, playing my piano, playing chess and running.
Recent Activity
Hello Everyone, I am posting this comment that was sent to me by email because DG Hudson could not post on the blog I have copied in her exact words. Re: your post for the WEP Challenge: Love and Peace Beautifully expressed using delicate creatures who add beauty of their own to our lives. Do we celebrate their spirit, no, we celebrate what they can do for us. Humans have a long way to go to even learn to respect the planet on which we live. Loved the poetry, loved the words Sherry Cox pen name: DG Hudson
Whatever happened to the vision of hope? The gift of faith, The coadunation found in peace and love, The ideology of humans understanding humans, The sacredness of respect. Continue reading
Posted Apr 18, 2017 at Thinking It Over
Good Evening My Dear Lady, At least it is evening here and probably early morning your time. I'm behind on correspondence. The two week book tour kept me extremely busy anti was added to my already overflowing plate. I hope you re fine and are walking without any assistance. How's your writing coming along? Thank you so much for reading about Kathleen Katy-bear. It is a story that is very dear to me. We need to have a good talk when we both fine time. I will write you. Love you, Gwynn. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Still Me…After All These Years by Karen Helene Walker is an Anthology in which twenty-four writers Reflect on Aging. I am elated to be one of those authors. Continue reading
Good Morning My Dear Liz, Yes, do that. I would love to see you posting under SkyWatch. Let me know if you need the link. I don't always display my link on the Skywatch page because I am sometimes in a hurry and just don't take the time. but I display on my blog anyway. My interest was ignited by a blogger I follow. She displays on it too. Not all the time, but when she has time. So please consider it. A picture of the Sky or whatever you see there with a few lines is something I would love to see you share on your blog. Thank you for coming by my dear. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Good Morning Gwynn, thank you very much. I hope you are continuing to progress health-wise and that you are able to walk a little without your crutches. I am thrilled also about my first essay in a non-fiction publication. Monday is the release date, and I already have my hard copy. The editor and publisher sent it to me. I feel honored to be among such a great group of authors. I believe I am the only one who has not had a book published yet. So I feel great being in there company. Wishing you a great weekend, my dear. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
I have been extremely busy helping with the release of the anthology, Still Me…After All These Years. It will be launched Monday, March 20th and I am privileged to have my first piece of non-fiction in that anthology. Continue reading
Good Morning Arpan, Thank you very much. Descriptive imagery has always been a bit of a problem for me. It is very nice to hear someone say my descriptive imagery is good. That means I am improving and that makes me happy. Have a great week. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Good Morning Toi, Thank you, my dear. Yes it is bittersweet. I believe love stories with soulmates have a bitter sweet ending because of their intensity. Wishing you a lovely week. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Good Morning N.R. Thank you. Your observation is really appreciated because that was what I was trying to do, capture her sadness and unlock her heart. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Good Morning D.G. I'm so sorry about the problems you had posting on my TypePad blog. I am in the process of clearing this matter up so that it can run better. I've never seen the SIX show but it's nice to know that the story is in sync with today's television. The story was about a man working with intelligence but I didn't want to point the story only to intelligence because some military careers carry the same danger. Thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate it. Have a great week. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Hello Me Lady, Thank you so much. I owe you a nice long email and I will take the time this weekend to do just that, Write You. I am so ever grateful for your continuing loyal support of me and my writing. Love you, Liz. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Hello Jennifer, Your comment did go through as you can see. I am trying to learn how to configure TypePad so that the reader sees that his or her comment is waiting upon approval. I just haven't tried it yet due to my busy schedule. Thank you so much for coming back to check. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Jennifer. I like that he left her something tangible also. I believe soulmates do that. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you so much, Sally, for coming by. Yes, I am glad she had those diaries too. Have a nice weekend. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you for checking again, Olga. The site didn't eat your comment. I am working on getting up a notice on the site that says your comment will appear after approval. TypePad is a little difficult for me to manage. Sorry about that. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Sally. I'm happy also about the diaries. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Nilanjana. Your comment did go through. I am working on getting a notice up that says comments appear after approval. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Nilanjana, for liking my story. Yes keepsakes are dear and some people hold on tightly for reasons they are not aware of until lost takes place. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Donna. The most meaningful things usually come in small packages. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Olga. I see love as a very spiritual thing. The greatest gift given to creation. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Denise. I have learned so much about my own writing since I started participating in WEP. It is a blessing for me. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Denise and you're right. I've been trying to find a place to add that statement in my TypePad Blog but it looks like TypePad doesn't let you do it. I will query them concerning that or come up with something. Thanks for checking back. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Hello, Yes, you can. I appreciate it very much because I was wondering about those last two sentences. Wasn't to sure if they were strong enough or whether they detracted from the story. Thank you. I will revise and see how it catches me before I send it in to see who will publish it. Shalom aleichem, Pat
Thank you, Debbie. Happy to see you've joined us. I live WEP. I learn so much from the stories I read. Nice having you aboard. Shalom aleichem, Pat