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Thanks for taking the effort to post this explanation. If I am a bit impertinent, it is because I am still smarting from one VoIP CEO (I forget his name or his company now) gave a testimony in US Congress. At that time he mentioned that India has made VoIP illegal. Subsequently I commented at different blogs about TRAI's ruling. But the other narrative suited the mood at that time and it got traction. So much so, many Indians residing there repeated it. Please take a look at Para 3.1 in This refers to earlier ruling. One thing TRAI can be accused of is their greediness in insisting that IP traffic must go through International gateway. It is understandable because at that time it was a major source of revenue. Not just revenue, but in convertible currency (think of taxation without representation). I will be the first one to say that there are lots of bad decisions made by the GoI. But this particular agency, in the case of Internet in general and VoIP in particular they have been very reasoned and have withstood even pressure from national security agency. You may have read periodically that GoI insisting that BBM must be routed through a gateway in India. As far as we know publicly, nothing have come to pass.
Being somebody who was in the midst of these things, my take is that we Bellheads were firmly married to Virtual circuits, global interoperability and works perfectly. Consequently the idea has to be a "perfect storm". This is in contrast to Internet mindset of best-effort, gradual adoption and "good-enough".
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Can you clarify a point please. You state that the PC was behind a wifi router. Was it NaTted? If so, then apparently even NATted PCs can be a relay node, contrary to generally believed model.
I was not contesting whether Typepad is being blocked or not. I was pointing out that no evidence has been put forwarded that the blocking has been instigated by the government.I was suggesting that it is routine for many, including MSM with a political ax to grind just accuse and be alarmist. I was further prompted because without much of an evidence, the post comes across sanctimonious. It may turn out that GoI has asked Airtel to block, but when you wrote the post you didn't know it.
We have developed a web app (not services) that can run on a plug computer that I think takes into account some of the points you make. But driving commerce is not its objective. If interested you can take a look at EnThinnai.
I am able to continue the call even after going to another tab or application, assuming GMail page is left in the background.. But I can originate and answer only from the GMail page.
I would like to get a clarification on common carriage that you advocate. You suggest that we should get equal access to the dark fiber. Since ultimately we would like to have networked coverage, I am presuming that the dark fiber will be terminated at some "network service provider". Am I right? If we get access to the dark fiber, who will maintain the fiber? The fiber provider will not have access to management information to provide maintenance. The NSP will not have access to the physical cable. Won't we end up being kicked around two who will be busy passing the ball around? You mention T1 as an example of access to bit-stream. But there we had different kinds of access: channelized, D4 and ESF; but all with NA format. At first blush dark fiber looks like a bit untenable. But you also suggest that it is being done in Europe. How do they address these issues there?
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Oh what happened to my comment? Do I have to preview first?
I hope OpenID community stops stressing the benefit of single sign on. Just as I carry multiple credit cards and ID cards, I will have multiple OpenIDs. The reason is that only some OPs can assert some information about me that a RP is interested in. For example, only my employer can assert my employment status to an entity that is willing to offer an employee discount. I probably would like to use a different OpenID while visiting a site that I don't want my employer to know about. (Remember that OPs can track my web forays.) Can you please provide a link to the Skype forum discussion. Thanks.
At one point Apple claimed that GV "modified" iPhone user experience, whatever that means. Is it possible that Rebtel doesn't do that?