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As an elected officer of a local Democratic Party, I have familiarity with most of the major by-laws of the state wide party. Overall, the individuals that represent and volunteer for the Florida Democratic Party are passionate, intelligent activists, as proved by the 45% of Democrats (so far) that know of Michael Arth that would vote for him, w/o looking for the millions of dollars and hours of airtime that usually follow bought out candidates. That said, Michael Arth's grievances are as on target as his stances on policies (YES, HE ACTUALLY CONFRONTS ISSUES & PROVIDES SOLUTIONS, go to his website), and either the state-level leaders of our Party have to change the way they are running things, or the leaders themselves must be changed. I support Michael Arth for Governor in 2010, because politics as usual has not worked for any of my neighbours. Michael Arth is the right choice for FLORIDA. Do the research.
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