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Reading this entry brought back my own fears from February 1, 2003. Ive been a space addict my entire life, often staying up until 3 am to watch the Perseid meteor shower, or spending countless hours staring at the Hale Bop comet in '96 or '97. I was determined to become an astronaut, or space explorer or something that had to do with being up there with those stars. That morning in 2003, however, that desire inside me died, along the the crew of 7 aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia, when it disintegrated upon reentry. My parents woke me up early that morning because I had been talking about the shuttle returning to Earth for days. I cried when they woke me up and told me the shuttle had fallen apart, and I watched the footage over and over. I was depressed for weeks afterwards, and though I still watch the Perseid's, and talk to my daughter about what stars are and show her the constellations, I think there will always be a fear and a deep sadness inside me. Thank you Wil, for sharing this with us.
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I know this is an older post, but Im a lurker, and Ive been reading through some of my favourite posts...this one always touches my heart, makes me want to cry almost...its just so...deep I guess. Sounds dumb of me to say it that way I think :P But I definitely need to get my hands on that book :D Ill continue not commenting on anything XD
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