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The link to the emails returns a warning of an unsafe page.
Post Script: Broward County has seen more than its share of corrupt law enforcement. How about Detectives Christian Zapata and Christopher Thieman? They falsified reports to bolster criminal cases. Has anything happened to any of the MANY police personnel who knew, participated and/or concealed this?
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The inability of the Broward County Sheriff to find DNA evidence in 2001 is the flip side of the same coin by which the Douglas County, Nebraska CSI team magically found incriminating DNA on a second search of a car allegedly used by Matt Livers and Nick Sampson in a double murder. Interestingly, no DNA was found in the car on first inspection. It was only on second inspection, using a wet swab, that the DNA was found, in the only area searched. Ah, but it turns out two other people, Gregory Fenster and Jessica Reid, committed the murders. Douglas County CSI Commander David Kofoed has been charged in federal court with evidence tampering. See Neither the conduct of the Broward Sheriff nor that of Omaha CSI is unusual. It is not about science. It is about winning convictions and keeping convictions. See the instances of junk science at The biggest problem is that the public doesn't care. If there's a break to be cut, it goes to the police, the crime lab, the prosecutor. No one cares until it happens to them or to a loved one. Then it's too late. They have no credibility.
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