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Wendy Weixler
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ShaZAM, girl!! HOME RUN!! Cannot WAIT to see your holiday little houses!! SOOOO adorable!!
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2013 on Monday Montage at The Stamp Doc
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And ... YES ... I'm-a gonna steal your Baker's Twine fringe idea ... VERY soon!! It's TOTALLY fun!! LOVELOVELOVE this, too!! FANTASTIC, girl!! :)
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Dude!! Awesome!! I haven't broken into my "Dude" set yet ... but you can BET I AM gonna "denim up" some of that canvas and use the two together!! Brilliant!! LOVELOVELOVE!! :)
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The colors on this are GREAT!! This DSP is one of my most faves, EVER!! Love the stitching in the corner ... super fun!
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How much fun!!! I've always been a little afraid of window sheets ... this is a GREAT way to use some!! So bright and happy! :)
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Don'tcha just LOVE a staple gun??? Gingham makes me SO happy!! This is just so bright and cheery ... and totally FUN! :)
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All the little treasures on this are just sooo fun to look at!! All the luscious layers on that banner are fantastical!! :)
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This is stinkin' ADORABLE, Cindy!! I can almost smell her puppy breath!! SUPERDUPER ca-YOOT!! :)
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2012 on Puppy Love at Stamps, Paper, and Ink
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What a fun-fun pop-up card!! And that little ruffled pocket is beautiful!! Your stuff is amazing, as always, girl!! :)
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2012 on Love is in the Air Blog Hop at Flowerbug's Inkspot
More good kharma, see??? Aren't you glad you stayed with me??? (And that I have CHOCOLATE with your name on it???) I LOVED the comment about the aim in the snow....soooo true!!! :)
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2009 on Ruminations of a mom.... at Stamps, Paper, Scissors
That is about the ONLY ribbon I DON'T have!! (Looks like I may need to be adding it, though!) I am sure that the reason this came out so GREAT is because you started it with the good kharma in my room, right?? Super-good!! (And I STILL have an ugly card that is gonna hands-down WHOOP any ugly card you EVER did!! Next week .... you will be amazed!!)
I will be back in the States soon with an emergency supply, friend!! Can't let those overly-peppy people rot your brain!!! Cute card, though . . . :) I wanna stamp somethin' soooo badly!!! Though I can't feel sorry for myself, right???