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American Samoa
A desultory philippic on current events, and maybe a little news.
Interests: (PS: real men don't "tweet.")
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One's impending death always puts life into proper perspective.
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Keep up the good work.
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Posted by: Gary | November 30, 2011 at 09:26 AM Ding. Ding! DING!! We have a winnah. Gary is spot on with "This is another letter that a competent editor would have discarded rather than embarrassing its author by printing it." I would simply add that I hope the letter writer stays far away from the voting booth.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2011 on GOP’s new low at Unfettered Letters
BRAVO! First rate. I have new found respect for this bad boy (although that man-hug at the end went on just a lil too long).
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2011 on Robert Downey Jr. - Teacher at Brutally Honest
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Alternative headline: Petulant, self-loathing, unemployed squatters seek to foul other people’s nests in quest for some neo-bolshevik utopia which apparently includes preventing other citizens from using roads they helped pay for. Or something.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2011 on OWS protesters arrested at Prairie Weather
Dissonance and obfuscation is at the core of a Liberal's mindset. A tree is known by its fruit.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2011 on Most Awkwardly Phrased Mailer Ever at The Source
Also, where's Oprah's understanding that respect is earned, not requested?
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I'm almost on your side in this one. Almost. Yet, when we consider the one group who sacrificed nearly all they have in this world for the defense and survival of this nation - former prisoners of war who have a total service-connected disability - exemption from property taxes is the least we can do to say "Thank you."
I guess html is not allowed. Here is the 'here' link.
Interesting. My conservative disagreement with your conservative argument is here.
Making the complex understandable. Thank you, Editor.
Hmm. A drama queen moonbat protester against those evil big oil companies? Let's see: pen ink or shoe polish for effect: petroleum based. Rayon/lycra/polyester underclothes: petroleum based. Hair coloring: petroleum based. foot wear: petroleum based. Transportation to these hearings: petroleum based. OH. I GET IT! A drama queen moonbat protester against those evil big oil companies: HYPOCRITE
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2010 on I have a new favorite photograph at Crime Scene KC
He's with the Lord now. R.I.P. His family will be in our prayers.
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"All protests are created equal, but some protests are more equal than others." My guess is that, to a person, the Leftists would all spout boiler plate platitudes as to their approval of things like freedom - to persecute our military, or shout profanities, or call for the death of boooshitler; or liberty - to have sex with who or whatever, or kill the unborn, or corrupt the voter rolls; or the support Constitution - for social engineering, or wealth redistribution, or inventing previously unheard of 'rights'. Leftists are all about choice - unless it's one they disapprove. Then the invectives fly and person attacks mount. Philosophy matters - religious, economic, political. And the Leftistslove the philosophy which tars America as inherently 'evil,' from it's very beginning. The founders were nothing more than old, rich white guys who were racist, xenophobic and greedy. To the Leftists, nothing has changed. The Left's high priests/philosophers in the ivory towers of academia keep those fires burning and the invective whipped up to a fevered pitch, so when their progressive disciples return to main street, or K street, or easy street, the malignant mindset is carried like a virus through the culture - and into the voting booth. I call it 'soft fascism.' *boy howdy, I'm good. I should turn this into a blog post. ;-p
I hear Planned Parenthood has offered her a job.
This is not the U.S.-Born Al Qaeda Adam Gadahn you are looking for.
I think James Hart has been watching 'Westside Story' again.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2010 on Open Thread ... Weekend Edition at Crime Scene KC
Michelle Duggar appears, from any perspective, to be a very happy, well-loved wife with an absolutely wonderful husband and terrific kids. But you're disgusted. Wowser. Bitter much?.
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Very well said, Mr. BH. May I quote you?
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Child abuse is not Biblical, and this is another example of why California should slide off into the Pacific. But thank goodness the family wasn't Muslim or the lil girl's genitals might have been mutilated or her head cut off for the family's 'honor.' Bad Christians. Evil Christians.
Bravo. Nice list. But an occasional rant is good for the creative process.
Krykee. Must be rehearsing for another Super Bowl commercial.
It makes one wonder why ALL drunk drivers don't get that type of appropriate sentence.
Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying. Good work, young man. You is linked!
That would be the Obama administration's Justice Dept., headed up by Eric (NY! NY! It's wonderful town) Holder. Justice is claiming that cell phone users, broadcasting over the 'public airwaves', have no expectation of privacy. Collectivists. Go figure. Boooshitler has left the building.